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   Chapter 2966 The Ring Of Chaos Clouds

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Zen was curious about the relationship between Gerald and the Sky Rending Rhinoceros. However, No. 9527 was unwilling to reveal any details and so he had no way of learning the truth of it.

Once he returned to the Trumpet Flying Ship, Leopold, Emily and the members of the Snake Goddess race were all staring at him, as if he were some sort of hideous monster.

The Sky Rending Rhinoceros left, leaving the space pitch black. Everyone wasted no time in using their spiritual sense to explore their surroundings.

Yan was smiling, thinking that this was a piece of cake for her brother, and she was so proud.

"Let's go. The Sky Rending Rhinoceros has agreed to build a space cave that leads to the Source World for us. We should be very close to the Source World after we cross the space cave." Zen then added in response to the confused faces surrounding him, "Don't ask. I too do not understand what the Sky Rending Rhinoceros said."

He had spoken with the Sky Rending Rhinoceros for a long while, and now he said he didn't understand what the Sky Rending Rhinoceros said. Zen was fooling no one.

The others didn't question him on seeing the sincerity across his face.

"I have to say, I didn't see us being able to take a shortcut like this, travelling through the space cave with the help of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros..." Emily said smiling joyfully.

They had escaped danger, gotten the help of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros, and saved a lot of time. Everyone believed Zen was responsible for bringing this great fortune upon them.

Leopold activated the Trumpet Flying Ship once more, continuing to advance silently through darkness.

Soon after, a small white dot began to reveal itself in the distance.

The white dot was like a tiny hole on a large black cloth. Although small, it was eye-catching in the darkness. The moment it appeared, Leopold had spotted it.

"It's the other side of the space cave. The entrance is pure pitch black, and the exit is clean and brilliant white. Let's go over!" Emily was excited at the sight of white dot too.

Leopold nodded and maneuvered the Trumpet Flying Ship to charge straight for the white dot.

They were still tens of thousands of miles away and already the dot had become a huge stunning white cave.


The Trumpet Flying Ship began to

ared a very close blood relationship with Chiyou. He was after all the talent born from the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed. Now Zen claimed that there was someone more incredible than him in his inner world. This was truly amazing.

"In ten years, he has mastered 3, 000 Godly Ways. Does that make him outstanding?" Zen asked flatly.

Leopold blinked in shock and Emily's eyebrows raised.

According to the masters in the Source World, the 3, 000 Godly Ways were the definitions of the various kinds of energy existing within the chaos. According to different classification methods, the number of the Godly Ways varied. Even the large majority of the True Gods in the Source World only needed to master one or two in order to challenge the Sea of Truth and cross it.

Only a minute amount of supernatural talents were qualified and capable of comprehending several Godly Ways.

Of course, some top masters in the Source World attempted to master 3, 000 Godly Ways, and Chiyou was one of them.

"In ten years? Zen, you must be kidding?" Emily asked incredulously.

No. 9527 didn't have much interest in the Godly Ways. Even if the Evil God's talent was astounding, it was not surprised at all. The only thing that shocked No. 9527 was that the Evil God even managed to merge the internal momentum of 2, 994 Godly Ways.

As for Emily and Leopold, they were completely taken aback to learn that one would master so many Godly Ways. If one person comprehended 3, 000 Godly Ways alone in ten years, it was a shocking feat even in the Source World.

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