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   Chapter 2965 The Shortcut

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Emily and the others shook like leaves in a storm.

What the Sky Rending Rhinoceros was thinking? It could even swallow the flying ship in a single gulp. They were like ants that were floating on a leaf in a vast ocean. In the blink of an eye, they could all die.

Just as everyone else fell silent, at a loss for what to do, Zen suddenly spoke. "I'm going to talk to it."

The Other Shore Realm warriors gaped in shock when they heard what Zen said. Emily's hands twitched as if she were going to shake him out of this decision.

"Zen, are you crazy?" she asked with disbelief in her voice. Her eyes were wide in fear like she was already seeing all the things that could go wrong.

"Zen..." Yan whispered, concern apparent in her voice.

"I have to do this. It's here for me," Zen insisted before they could say anything more.

"For you? Why would it come for you?" Leopold frowned at Zen in doubt.

Not much was known about the Sky Rending Rhinoceros even in the Source World. How could it possibly have anything to do with Zen, a warrior from the divine land?

Zen didn't know how to explain to Leopold, so he chose to ignore him instead. He turned to Yan and gently patted her head in reassurance.

"Stay here. Believe me, everything will be fine," he assured Yan. He nodded at everybody, then leaped lightly off the ship. His tiptoes made a quiet tapping sound on the side of the Trumpet Flying Ship, as he flew into the dark space.

By this time, Emily and the others didn't try to stop him anymore. They knew that it would be useless, especially when Zen looked so determined. Perhaps, he was really capable of talking to the beast.

At first glance, it looked like the Sky Rending Rhinoceros was extremely close to the Trumpet Flying Ship. That was because the Sky Rending Rhinoceros was gigantic, so it appeared like it was very close. Actually, there were at least three hundred miles between the beast and the Trumpet Flying Ship.

Even so, Zen needed only a few seconds to travel this distance. He quickly reduced the distance between them to merely hundreds of feet.

At such a close range, the pressure from the Sky Rending Rhinoceros disappeared.

Due to the beast's size, Zen couldn't see the entire body of the animal. He could only see the rhinoceros' two huge eyes, which hung over his head like two suns. Its wrinkled skin looked very rough and rugged, making the beast look like a mountain from where Zen was.

As soon as Zen stopped, the Sky Rending Rhinoceros opened its big mouth.

The mouth was so wide that Zen couldn't even see where it ended. It was like a black hole, an endless pit that he defin

When they saw this, Emily, Leopold, and the other people finally breathed a sigh of relief. However, they still couldn't believe how Zen managed to talk to the beast.

"I can't believe Zen really persuaded the Sky Rending Rhinoceros to leave!" Leopold exclaimed with a grin.

Emily was silent beside him. Her lips were pressed together thoughtfully, as she thought how Zen could have possibly done that. Although she could feel that Zen was extraordinary since their first meeting, she hadn't expected him to be able to persuade the Sky Rending Rhinoceros to leave at their first encounter.

After all, in Emily's eyes, it was a disaster to encounter a ferocious beast like the Sky Rending Rhinoceros. If it were any other beast, she might have resisted, but she did not have the courage to resist the Sky Rending Rhinoceros.

Meanwhile, as No. 9527 returned to Zen's chest, Zen asked, "What did you say to him?"

"I asked him to go away and open a space cave for us that leads to the Source World," No. 9527 said indifferently.

Zen was astounded.

Emily had spoken of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros' ability. The beast could connect any two places in the chaos. This skill was unparalleled and was the most powerful talent of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros.

He wondered how No. 9527 managed to make the beast obey it.

Originally, it would take several years for them to travel to the Source World by the Trumpet Flying Ship. If they were to cross the space cave, they would be able to reach the Source World much faster.

"You two talked for so long. You must have talked about something else," Zen pried again.

No. 9527 just chuckled. It acted like an adult who was talking to a child, and it had no plans to tell Zen about the rest of the conversation.

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