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   Chapter 2964 Its Purpose

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The chaos was so vast that it was known to contain many unknown beasts.

Some people believed there were undiscovered beasts living in the chaos.

The top ten vicious beasts were known widely around the Source World. They were feared for their overwhelming strength and size. They would cause turmoil and unrest every time they surfaced.

Among the ten vicious beasts was the Sky Rending Rhinoceros. It was about ten million miles long. It resembled a large snake, and it did not have scales or claws. Its head had two wings fixed on both sides, making it able to fly up in space.

Many years ago, the Sky Rending Rhinoceros surfaced in the Source World. Chaos ensued as it caused disturbances and proceeded to destroy a city. Zhurong later stepped up to fend off the city against it. Although Zhurong had the advantage over it, he still failed to exterminate it. In the end, the Sky Rending Rhinoceros broke through the space and flew off to hide in the chaos.

(*TN: Zhurong, known as the God of Fire, is an important personage in Chinese mythology and Chinese folk religion.)

Emily had read this record in a book when she was young.

She was filled with fear when she read the description of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros in her childhood.

At that time, she did not expect to come face to face with her childhood fears in the future.

She felt her stomach turn when Leopold mentioned the Ruin Graveyard. At that time, she clenched her fists subconsciously as she felt anxious.

It was known when the Sky Rending Rhinoceros passed through the void, the space cave it left would exist for a short period. Since the space cave was opened, it meant the Sky Rending Rhinoceros recently passed through there. If they came face to face with the mighty beast, it would be worse than falling into dangerous lands.

Emily thought to herself about all the unfortunate events that could take place if they faced the beast. She attempted to calm her breathing and looked forward. Even if she decided to voice her troubles out to everyone, it would not make much of a difference. She silently prayed under her breath, hoping they didn't encounter it.

As she was in the process of collecting her thoughts, she looked up. Her worst fears came to life when the image of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros appeared in front of her. She froze and felt her soul leave her body. She forgot how to breathe as it filled her view.

"Hoo..." "Hoo..."

The Sky Rending Rhinoceros howled viciously as it twisted its body which was about ten million miles long.

Suddenly, the air in the space seemed to have stopped flowing. The atmosphere changed as fear and terror filled the space. The Sky Rending Rhinoceros flaunted its dominant aura. Its eyes were like two huge stars glaring directly at them.

Compared to the size of the mighty

a while, they ignored the pain as they continued to study the movements of the Sky Rending Rhinoceros.

"What is the Sky Rending Rhinoceros trying to do?" Leopold said, looking exasperated.

"Beasts like the Sky Rending Rhinoceros have extraordinary wisdom. If it wants to know something, it should be able to communicate with us directly," a woman of the Snake Goddess race said with a grimaced look in her eyes.

Emily showed a helpless expression. "Maybe it doesn't think it's worthy of communicating with us."

Emily was also confused.

From the way it looked, the Sky Rending Rhinoceros did not have any intentions of swallowing the Trumpet Flying Ship. It seemed to have sensed something within the ship. It continued its attempts to locate it.

But on the ship, there were only Zen, Yan and the warriors at the Other Shore Realm.

At this moment, Zen felt strange warmth in his chest as No. 9527's voice resounded in his mind. It seemed to have calmed his nerves down from the intense situation. "Zen, leave the Trumpet Flying Ship. Let me talk to the Sky Rending Rhinoceros."

The Sky Rending Rhinoceros was sensitive enough to perceive anything. Although No. 9527's soul power was very weak, it could still perceive it.

No. 9527 didn't want to announce its presence to Emily and the others. It wanted to meet the Sky Rending Rhinoceros under discretion. It asked Zen to leave the ship so it could communicate with the beast.

"Does the Sky Rending Rhinoceros aim at you?" Zen's face turned pale as he asked No. 9527.

"Yes, I knew this would happen when you entered the space cave. However, the Trumpet Flying Ship was unable to get rid of the gravity of the space cave, so I could do nothing to stop this from happening." A hint of helplessness could be heard in No. 9527's tone.

This made Zen curious. He had never felt such an emotion from No. 9527.

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