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   Chapter 2963 The Sky Rending Rhinoceros

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The Trumpet Flying Ship was an exquisitely designed structure. Seen from the outside, it seemed to have a small interior space, but it actually had a larger space inside.

The flying ship was trembling violently as it was traveling at a fast speed, but everyone was able to maintain their balance and keep standing.

Emily squinted her eyes and directed her gaze to where Zen had pointed. "It's a space cave..."

"Is that what a space cave looks like?" There was a subtle change on Leopold's expression. He knew about the existence of space caves from stories he had heard, but this was the first time he saw one for himself.

Yan put her hand on Zen's shoulder and asked, "What is a space cave?"

Emily was the one who replied. She blinked her eyes and said, "The Sky Rending Rhinoceros is one of the top ten ferocious beasts of the chaos. It leaves behind a space cave after it travels through space!"

"The top ten ferocious beasts of the chaos?" Zen narrowed his eyes.

Emily nodded her head in confirmation and explained, "They are ferocious beasts that wander outside the Source World. They usually hide in the deepest parts of the chaos and very rarely get close to the Source World. But every time they appear, they can't help but cause a huge commotion. Only the top masters in the Source World can fight against them..."

"Then will there be any danger in a space cave?" Zen asked.

Emily shook her head. "The space cave itself is not dangerous. The Sky Rending Rhinoceros is proficient in the Space Law. It doesn't need to use techniques like the Grand Teleportation when it travels through the chaos."

"It doesn't rely on the Grand Teleportation technique?" Zen asked in clarification, as he was surprised by this information.

Actually, people utilized the Grand Teleportation technique to create a space channel for travelling. The deeper their comprehension of the space, the more stable the space channel.

For example, Emily created a space channel that was ten million miles long, but she only needed to take a single step forward to emerge from the other end of the space channel. On the other hand, the Holy Beings could also create a space channel ten million miles in length, but they were required to travel through the space channel for a period of time before they walked out of the other end of the channel.

"In the simplest terms, the Grand Teleportation technique is a skill that relies on one's understanding of the Space Law. Ho

o as well as she had hoped. She had been forced to step on the journey, and there had been an unknown fear that was weighing on her mind.

Zen felt the emotion behind Yan's actions, and he formed an apology for her in his heart.

Her mother had given Yan the choice, but as a sensible girl, she did not have the heart to reject her parents.

Sending her on the journey to the Pear Hill might have been a mistake.

"Don't be afraid. It won't take long," Zen whispered to his younger sister.

He felt pity for Yan, but he could only caress her silky hair; he thought that after emerging into the other side of the space cave, he could place Yan into Emily's inner world so that she wouldn't be so afraid.

After they had been traveling in the darkness for several minutes, Zen felt more and more confused.

This space cave could fold the space in between two places, so naturally, it should have made use of the Space Law. However, in this dark space, he hadn't been able to sense even a single trace of the Space Law Power. Zen was puzzled as to how the Sky Rending Rhinoceros did it.

While he was deep in thought, Zen thought he had seen a glimmer of light in his peripheral vision. He instinctively looked for the source of light, and his eyes narrowed. He covered Yan's eyes with his hands.

Leopold, Emily, and the masters at the Other Shore Realm were all stunned into a silent panic.

A gigantic ferocious beast head was directly in front of the Trumpet Flying Ship, and the light shone from its eyes!

"Oh, crap! This is probably the worst possible situation," Emily cursed in frustration, and her heart sank in despair.

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