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   Chapter 2962 The Black Hole

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It was evident that No. 9527 didn't really favor the merging of Godly Ways.

The Evil God was clueless about the origin of No. 9527, nor did he realize the importance of the Godly Ways Great Unity.

However, he was excited to show Zen his capabilities.

"Should I demonstrate the merging again?" the Evil God asked eagerly.

Zen smiled and said, "No, that won't be necessary. I am aware that you have merged the Godly Ways."

Zen was not only omniscient, but also omnipotent in his inner world. If he wanted to, he could know everything.

"Then allow me to take my leave. I hope you will be able to fulfill your promise as soon as possible." The Evil God cupped his hands toward Zen and in a flash disappeared from the floating island.

After he had left, No. 9527 asked, "What kind of promise did you make to him?"

Zen shrugged casually and replied, "He wants to leave my inner world."

No. 9527 was appalled, as it asked, "Are you going to allow that to happen?"

"Yes. What's wrong in letting him go?" Zen asked curiously.

No. 9527 said with a small smile, "You know I don't think highly of the Godly Ways Great Unity. But he merged 2, 994 Godly Ways in just ten years, which suggests that he is exceptionally talented. It's hard to estimate his achievements in the future. It will be a pity to let him go."

"Should I place a slave seal on him?" Zen disdained to use this method.

The Evil God was born in his inner world, but he never bestowed upon him any kind of special support. Despite that, with his outstanding abilities, the Evil God was able to obtain his current cultivation base and achievements. So if he wanted to leave, Zen would not be the one to stop him.

"No matter how powerful the slave seal is, there is still a way to break it." No. 9527 shook its head as it continued, "As far as I know, many powerful masters in the Source World have such talents in their inner worlds. In fact, it's very easy to keep them."

No matter how large the Source World was, there was a limited number of creatures.

However, there was a separate world in the body of every powerful warrior who reached the Soul Sea Realm. These inner worlds held different types and numbers of creatures

ready entered a meditative state, he realized it was not the right time.

They wouldn't be able to reach the Source World now, so he had plenty of chances in the future.

After observing the ship for a while, Zen returned to his seat. This time, he intended to enter the Sea of Truth.

Leopold gently lifted the jade plate. The forces of Space Law spread out from the surface of the Trumpet Flying Ship. The ship was about to travel back to the space channel.

The moment it entered the space channel, it started to vibrate violently.


Emily and the others who had been cultivating quietly, opened their eyes.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked.

Leopold shook his head and said with a trace of panic on his face, "I cannot figure out. The Trumpet Flying Ship seems to be out of control now."

The Trumpet Flying Ship that was flying smoothly a while ago was now constantly shaking. Even though Leopold tried his best to activate the divine crystals on the plate, he was still unable to maintain the stability of the ship.

Zen stood up and looked into the distance. He pointed at something far away and shouted, "Look! What's that?"

In the chaotic space channel, there were intricate blue lines. They were hardly of any importance but just the traces left by the disorderly Space Law.

However, they were all gathering deep into the space, towards a pitch black hole.

All the lines stopped in front of the hole, as if they were all sucked in by it.

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