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   Chapter 2960 A Terrifying Talent

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Kneeling down at the door of the Cloud Hall, it was no other than the Evil God.

Zen nodded slightly to Laquisha. Beaming an awkward smile, his face couldn't hide a faint embarrassment.

Zen's expression caught both Laquisha and Nelly by surprise.

Raising her head, the Evil God grew excited at the sight of Zen. "I have never begged anyone in my life except for you! Please keep your promise!" he told Zen.

In fact, Zen indeed promised the Evil God he would be released from the inner world.

However, he had been quite busy ever since he entered the divine land. Not having had the time to stop even for a while, he had no time to fulfill his promise.

Seeing the Evil God on his knee made Zen feel guilty.

Without thinking twice, Zen approached him, clasping the Evil God's shoulders to help him up. However, the Evil God remained unmoved, with no intention to stand up. "I'm not going anywhere until you keep your promise!"

"As I mentioned before, you already have my word, but now is not a good time," Zen explained helplessly.

"You can fulfill it at any time!" the Evil God insisted, hoping Zen would agree to his demand.

Even as a child, he had always been very ambitious. He had always seen difficulties as challenges he could solve with his own talent and perseverance. However, leaving this world was something he couldn't overcome.

Hearing Zen's words, he thought Zen was just giving him another excuse to prolong his time spent there.

Laughing, Zen replied, "I am currently in the chaos. With your current cultivation base, you will definitely die if you come with me."

In reality though, Emily had means to allow the True Gods to come safely to the chaos.

There was a time when they were outside the divine land, and Rocher and Sword Chen could move freely, thanks to Emily's protection.

But releasing the Evil God now would be meaningless. He could only move on the flying ship, and Zen couldn't throw him into the space channel to drift.

Watching Zen's expression, the Evil God realized that he was telling the truth. Disappointment started to cloud his eyes.

Seeing that, Zen continued, "I'm going to a bigger world. I'll set you free when I get there."

Expressionless, the Evil God stared at Zen. After all, Zen had fooled him several times in

diately became a top-rank True God.

The Evil God could become a consummate True God only after Zen broke through to the Other Shore Realm. This was a limitation of the Grand World Cultivation Method that he could not violate.

After all, the appearance of a consummate True God in Zen's inner world might threaten the safety of his inner world. Therefore, the strongest creature in the inner world were two levels lower than the one who created the world.

After the universe of a Holy Being became the Rebirth Land, the entire inner world had become even larger. It allowed the living beings within the universe to cultivate into becoming the Supreme Lords, who were more powerful than the world lords but weaker than the low-rank True Gods.

After the Evil God's statement, Zen wondered how strong he could be if he would let him cultivate in the Source World freely. Would he be able to integrate the three thousand Godly Ways?

"Have you tried integrating the internal momentum of the Godly Ways when you practiced the three thousand Godly Ways?" Zen asked out of the blue.

With a strange expression, the Evil God looked at Zen and replied, "These Godly Ways are supposed to be integrated, aren't they? I have observed how you have repeatedly merged the internal momentum several times. Now I have already integrated two thousand nine hundred and ninety-four of the three thousand Godly Ways."

His answer left Zen completely astonished. Staring blankly at the Evil God, he couldn't seem to find the words to respond.

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