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   Chapter 2958 Preparation Before Leaving

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The air in a palace on the Floating Island was permeated with the mellow smell of food.

The True Gods didn't really need food to allay their hunger, but a variety of delicious food was always welcomed in the divine land.

The food materials in the Floating Islands were sourced from many places in the divine land and were extremely rare. Ordinary disciples from the Floating Islands couldn't afford them, let alone the divine citizens.

"Yan, you have made great progress in your cooking skills," Zen, who was seated at the table, complimented while tasting one of the dishes.

The corners of Yan's mouth raised slightly, revealing a faint sense of pride, but she still said modestly, "You'd better thank Margaret! It's her who has taught me how to cook these!"

Yan had been separated from Zen at a young age. She just spent a little time with Mike and did not have a chance to see her mother before. Now that they were reunited, she naturally cherished these moments.

She had started cooking recently and was loving it.

Although there were many talented chefs in the Floating Island, Margaret had personally taught Yan how to cook.

"Yan, you are being modest. You are so talented. You know everything even without any guidance," said Mike.

Yan sat on the other side of the large table, her chin resting in her hands. She looked at Lorena with a gleam in her intelligent eyes and said to her, "Mother, do you have something to say to me?"

Lorena, who had been smiling the whole time, stiffened slightly when Yan suddenly asked her this question.

"Mother, I know there is something on your mind," Yan said as she suddenly shot a cold glare at Zen. "And brother too, but he doesn't want to talk to me about it directly!"

"It..." Zen looked embarrassed.

It was true that he kept certain things from Yan. He didn't want his sister to be burdened with anything, but sometimes fate was out of one's control.

"Let me guess." Yan blinked and asked, "The woman called Emily asked me if I would like to go to the Pear Hill while testing my blood. I don't know where that place is, but I'm sure it's not in the divine land. And perhaps you can't refuse her, am I right?"

Yan had no idea of Chiyou's existence so she refus

t Nelly and Laquisha had lived on the top of the divine land since birth. Their vision was much wider than the others. The Other Shore Realm was a source of mystery and awe for them. They had a great curiosity about the Source World.

"But..." Zen still believed that the divine land was much safer for them. At least, ordinary Other Shore Realm warriors could not break through it. Moreover, as the divine land was at the edge of chaos, it was difficult to discover it.

At this point, Lavender stretched out her cold hand and covered Zen's forehead. She spoke casually, "There's no need to hesitate. This decision is not up to you; it is ours alone."

"Okay!" Zen finally made the decision.

Half a month later, he returned to the whirlpool and began collecting the divine crystals.

According to Ramzi's estimation, after the speed of the divine land increased, the speed of the consumption of the divine crystals would be very slow.

Zen wasn't very clear about the value of these divine crystals, but they could be used in the Source World.

However, Zen only took away half of the divine crystals for any emergency, and left the Sun-resisting Umbrella to Mike.

Even though Harper had died, the Reincarnation Soul Weapon could still locate his Memory Flame. If he could recover his cultivation base after he was revived, he would regain control of the direction of the entire divine land.

A month later, Timotheus, Emily and the others stood in front of the Trumpet Flying Ship.

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