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   Chapter 2955 Finally Meet Again

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A hoarse voice came out of the Chiyou statue's mouth which caught Zen and the others in surprise.

"Who are you? Why do you have my sword?"

After the shock had faded, Thimotheus, Leopold, and others realized whose voice they were hearing. It was Chiyou's, and they were more than happy to hear it.

"Grand Chieftain!"

"We are the Nine Li Guards, Grand Chieftain!"

Timotheus and Leopold said in unison. They were practically jumping with excitement and fervor.

They were not qualified to meet the Grand Chieftain in the Source World. They felt so honored now that they had the chance to meet Chiyou in person in the divine land.

"Nine Li Guards?"

Chiyou's voice sounded bleak and as stone cold as the statue. The statue looked around and, with no emotions, said, "I have given the Soaring Snake Sword to my daughter, Lorena. Where is she?"

"Grand Chieftain, Princess Lorena is in the divine land..." Timotheus' voice trailed off. He paused for a moment before continuing, "I want you to meet your grandson, Zen Luo!"

Strictly speaking, Zen was Chiyou's maternal grandson.

But it was a good thing Timotheus was able to quickly think on his feet. Mike, after all, was a divine citizen who didn't have the bloodline of Nine Li race.

People like them would need to take their actual blood to know if they were related; their surnames suggested nothing to them. As far as the Grand Chieftain was concerned, Zen was his grandson.

"My grandson?"

The statue was almost twenty feet high. It stared down at Zen and reached out its hand to him. "Young man, show me your bloodline."

Zen stared at the statue. He knew there was a remnant soul inside it, but he didn't appreciate how he was being pressured by it.

"Zen, give the Grand Chieftain a drop of blood quickly," Timotheus ordered.

Zen stretched out his finger and, with a gentle force, a drop of go

had already travelled to plenty of places, rarely dropping by the Floating Island. The couple was thoroughly enjoying their travels that their relationship flourished a lot.

Zen's presence in the palace confused them. "What happened?" Lorena asked.

"Someone wants to see you, Mother," Zen responded.

He couldn't care less about his grandfather, but he knew that, as Chiyou's daughter, Lorena had more respect in her.

"Who is it?" Lorena inquired.

He offered his hand in an invitation. "Come with me," he asked curtly. And then, looking at Mike, he added, "You too."

He wasn't sure if that was the correct decision. He didn't know if Chiyou would be happy to see Mike.

Finally, the couple drilled into the space tunnel built by Zen. In a short moment, they were standing in front of Chiyou.

"Zen, why can't you just tell me who it is?" Lorena was beginning to feel impatient. Then, at the sight of Chiyou, tears fell from her eyes.

Chiyou's indifference returned. "What happened in the divine land?" he asked coldly. "Why is your body gone?"

The Blood Body which Lorena was currently using was perhaps precious in the divine land, but it was never valued by Chiyou. For Chiyou, what he was seeing was a broken body of Lorena.

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