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   Chapter 2953 The Wooden Puppet Soldiers

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Timotheus smiled at Zen's words. "Indeed, as a token in the eighteenth stage of the Other Shore Realm, the Mysterious Meteor Tripod is good. However," he said seriously, "I don't think the Grand Chieftain would use that as his Other Shore Token."

Emily gravely nodded in agreement. "Technically, the token of a powerhouse like Chiyou should be above the thirtieth stage of the Other Shore Realm. The Mysterious Meteor Tripod in the eighteenth stage is not even qualified to be his token."

While she might not have known what Chiyou's Other Shore Token was, this made sense to her.

"But if this is not my grandfather's Other Shore Token, why is it here?" Zen asked curiously, scratching his chin.

Ramzi smiled. "There is an Other Shore Token in Clement's Trumpet Flying Ship, but it does not belong to him. In the same way, the Mysterious Meteor Tripod may have been borrowed by the Grand Chieftain to run the divine land."

"So that's how it is," Zen muttered as he stared thoughtfully at the Mysterious Meteor Tripod.

The vitality between heaven and earth in the divine land was transformed from the chaotic energy that came from outside the land through the four divine trees; however, it was not enough to run the entire divine land.

Only the Other Shore Token would be able to fuel this humongous ship.

"But there are too many divine crystals here," Ramzi noted, deep in thought. "It's very likely that most of the divine crystals collected by the Nine Li race in the past countless years have been stored here. If these crystals are used solely to run the divine land, that would be too big a waste. I wonder why the Grand Chieftain arranged it this way." Ramzi glanced at the divine crystals that surrounded him.

Meanwhile, Leopold closely observed the Mysterious Meteor Tripod. His eyes were scanning each nook and cranny when he noticed dark shadows reflecting on the piles of shiny divine crystals.

These shadows felt familiar. Narrowing his eyes at the figures in the distance, he said, "I don't know the Grand Chieftain's intention, but we are definitely in trouble now."

Just as he finished speaking, the black shadows gained speed, making their way down the piles of divine crystals.


f so many Wooden Puppet Soldiers was equivalent to that of ten Slaughtering Moonlight Arrays.

Zen was able to transfer all these attacks to the surface of the Mountain of Holy Beings, but even the mountain could not bear such forces!

An image flashed through his mind, and it was revealed to him that the surface of the Mountain of Holy Beings that was located under the ground was cracking under the forces of the light rays. A silver light burst forth from the cracks, indicating the mountain's gradual collapse.

The Mountain of Holy Beings was very important to the divine land. If it collapsed, who knew what consequences they'd have to face then?

In his desperation, Zen decided to divert part of the forces to other remote regions in the divine land.


Suddenly, to the north of the divine land, light rays wreaked havoc on the remote regions.

Under these incredible forces, mountain ranges were cut off one by one, and gullies that were as deep as a hundred thousand feet were evened out. They had directly splintered the layer of soft stones, and the Lethal Fire Magma gushed out from the bottom of the gullies.

Although these regions were considered remote, there were still a few divine citizens who lived there. As they watched this apocalyptic scene unfold before them, their faces turned deathly pale with fear.

However, the weirdest thing was that the destructive forces didn't cause any damage to the villages where the divine citizens lived.

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