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   Chapter 2951 Absorbed By The Whirlpool

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Zen told the others what he had seen with his spiritual sense at the bottom of the divine land.

This information spiked Leopold's and the others' interest. They couldn't help but want to know more.

Even in the Source World, few people would build such a large ship.

The Trumpet Flying Ship left behind by Clement was only fifty to sixty feet long. It was safe to assume that travelling through the chaos would consume plenty divine crystals.

For a huge ship like the divine land to be travelling in the chaos, the number of divine crystals it needed to consume was astronomical. Leopold and Ramzi had previously discussed this matter when they were outside the divine land. They had no idea what kind of method the Grand Chieftain used to drive the ship.

Timotheus asked Ramzi and Leopold to stay behind and check the flying ship out, but the two were more interested in exploring the bottom of the divine land instead. Thus, the four of them decided to follow behind Zen.

The great whirlpool's location was at the tail of the entire divine land. If one was standing above the Time Sea, then the whirlpool would be situated in the west.

With Zen's current abilities, he naturally wouldn't have to dig through many layers of underground stones like he had done in the past. He gently waved his hand and built a space channel. As he performed this movement, he said to Emily and the others, "On the other side of this space channel is the Lethal Fire Magma. Before entering, I'm afraid we have to be prepared."

Emily and the others understood exactly what Zen meant.

If they were to enter without taking absolute precaution, their bodies would be burnt to ashes in a split second by the Lethal Fire Magma.

In turn, Emily gently stretched out her own hands and surrounded herself with a colorful halo.

On his behalf, Ramzi drew a piece of yellow rune paper from his pocket and stuck it onto his chest. It formed a golden circle of light.

Now that the others had carefully prepared themselves in their own way, Zen was the first to enter the space channel, followed by Emily, Timotheus and the rest.

The space channel made by Zen had greatly shortened the distance to the Lethal Fire Magma. After taking only four or five steps, they felt a heat wave pouncing onto their faces and licking at their skin. They knew that they had already fallen into a sea of Lethal Fire Magma.

Sizz! Sizz!

Ramzi was falling into the Lethal Fire Magma and the golden circle protecting him quickly began t

ithin the whirlpool, I'm afraid we have to go directly inside," Zen murmured, staring straight ahead.

"But how can we do that? It'll be quite dangerous!" Emily, naturally worried, still wanted to discuss the possible danger they were about to face.

It was then that Zen gently stomped his feet and pushed himself forward like a sword fish.

A vast force clearly surrounded Zen. With his current ability and strength, he could resist this force, but he chose not so. He simply let the force pull him into the whirlpool.

Emily frowned to herself. She had no time to blame Zen for his recklessness. Instead, she too, followed him blindly forward.

Timotheus smiled bitterly as he walked.

The Nine Li Guards had already experienced countless dangers, and every time, they had no choice but to be extremely cautious. However, there was no other way around the situation they were facing right now, and therefore, they could only follow behind.

With the Lethal Fire Magma's movement, Zen began to move faster and faster. It wasn't before long that he was pulled into the Lethal Fire Magma's core.

And standing within its heart, Zen felt a trace of space fluctuation.

'Leopold's judgment is right. There is a space in here!' Zen thought to himself, amazed.

Just as this thought flashed across his mind, he was sucked even further into the whirlpool's core, and Emily and Timotheus, who were following close behind, were next to be sucked in, too.

As Zen was enveloped whole by the space wave, everything around him began to whirl at lightning speed.

The Lethal Fire Magma was gone. The white crystal-paved path before him emitted pale and gentle light.

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