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   Chapter 2949 Hiding The Divine Land

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Three months in the universe were equal to ten days in the divine land, where time moved much more slowly.

Zen seemed to be content with everyday life in the universe, which worried No. 9527. If he decided to stay indefinitely, it would certainly fail the task that its master had given it. Eventually, it could no longer hide its anxiety, and decided to discuss the matter with Zen.

"It's not all bad here, you know," Zen simply replied.

He held up a cup of tea to his mouth. Wrapping a finger around its tiny handle, he sipped his drink carefully.

The taste of spiritual tea back in the Upper World was miles ahead of the fresh tea he was now drinking. And yet, Zen could not get enough of the slight bitterness that lingered on the tip of his tongue with every sip. It just seemed fitting as he looked around the Eastern Region, now flourishing at springtime.

No. 9527 scowled at Zen's calm demeanor, making no efforts to hide its disdain. As if to simultaneously remind and scold, it said, "In case you forgot, Zen, the divine land is unsafe. Chiyou made this ship so that the Nine Li people can revitalize the race."

Zen shrugged indifferently. "The Nine Li race will thrive again in no time. The old members of the race will all be reincarnated soon."

"Are you kidding me? The divine land has limited resources. There can only be a few Other Shore Realm warriors, and their strength wouldn't amount to anything in the Source World. Besides..." Zen tried to focus on the surrounding view as No. 9527 went into a frenzied sermon, furiously listing in points all the repercussions if he were to stay at the universe.

As he got tired of the seemingly never-ending lecture, Zen finally interrupted No. 9527. "All right, calm down. I was joking. You know I'm going to the Source World."

Zen could never forget the first time he had heard of what had happened to Chiyou. He died doing what he had been for a long time—fighting. The Yellow Emperor race, however, turned out to be his last opponent. More so than that, Zen accepted his mother Lorena's decision not to say anything regarding the matter, though he knew that she still had her own thoughts. After all, she would never allow the Nine Li race to forever hide within the chaos.

Like many things, however, it is always easier said than done. First of all, detailed preparation was needed for the trip to the Source World. Every action, turn, possibility—as much as possible, they must all be tak

I'll transfer the divine land to another location as soon as possible."

"We shouldn't waste time," Emily added. "Given the circumstances, we should hide the divine land from others as soon as possible."

In fact, the divine land was bigger and quicker than the Trumpet Flying Ship.

When Zen had first entered the sun, he had changed the entire divine land's flight trajectory, stopping it from falling towards the bottom of the chaos.

Back then, Emily had discovered the divine land. She had gathered the Other Shore Realm warriors of the Snake Goddess race and bound it to the bone tower. After she had released this restriction later, the divine land had gradually distanced itself from the bottom of the chaos. However, with no one to take charge, it moved extremely slowly.

Zen understood the seriousness of the matter. Without any hesitation, he disappeared on the spot.

Not a moment later, he appeared inside the sun.

This time, Zen did not need to use the Sun-resisting Umbrella Harper had given him. He had fused with the original will, and even the Sun Essence Flame in the sun's depths could not harm him.

Since this was the second time he was here, Zen easily crossed the palace and walked past the Chiyou statue. He was standing in front of the seven rings in no time.

Zen put his consciousness into the rings straight away. As he did so, each ring started to wrap around him—his neck, arms, legs, waist...


Zen's head was suddenly filled with an image of the entire divine land.

As Zen gently lifted his hand, the once unshakeable divine land started to quiver and turn slowly to the other side.

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