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   Chapter 2948 Time Flies

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Zen considered the scene before him with mixed feelings. Given how far he had come, and how high he had risen, these conflicts seemed to him like the quarrels of children at playtime.

At this stage of his life, he could control all of the resources in the entire divine land, as well as those in the Evolutionary Universe or in the great world.

To the warriors of the great world, this savage land was a place full of treasures. Yet Zen knew the truth. If he so asked his father, Mike could make a thousand or ten thousand savage lands in the blink of an eye. It made their disputes, such as the one he faced now, seem quite petty.

However, looking at Letitia's serious expression, Zen knew he had to back her up. This was clearly important to her, and treating it lightly would just make her angry with him.

Concealing his indifference, he looked towards Randy and the rest. Solemnly, he said, "As for the matters regarding the savage land, you can make detailed rules. That land doesn't belong to either the Divine Kingdom Continent or the Central Region, but I hope that you can develop it together and live in peace..."

Randy and the others let out a sigh of relief when they heard Zen's words. But then, Zen added, "However, no matter what happens, the Divine Kingdom Continent absolutely cannot attack the Central Region or the Cloud Hall. This one time, I'll let it go. But if you dare attack the Central Region or Cloud Hall in the future, I will consider throwing the Divine Kingdom Continent into another great world."

Zen's pronouncement stunned his listeners.

They believed in Zen's power. Had he told them he could wipe out the entirety of the Divine Kingdom Continent, they would take his words as law. Indeed, they even believed each of the women behind him could just as easily wipe out the Divine Kingdom Continent too. But to throw the Divine Kingdom Continent into another great world? That was impossible.

Callan was still naive and asked, "Throw the Divine Kingdom Continent into another great world? How?"

Randy quickly intervened. He raised his hand to get Zen's attention and said, "We have heard your words, and we will remember. I, on behalf of the Divine Kingdom Continent, vow that we will not start any further conflict with the Central Region."

It was good that Zen's arrival had led to a quick solution to their troubles. Yet Lewis still looked unhappy.

Zen noticed Lewis' expression. "Lewis, aren't you satisfied with this result? Is anything wrong?"

Lewis sighed. "This result is fine. It's just that you and Master Letitia haven't come back for so many years. And now that you've finally returned, you still find me helpless, needing your assistance with this minor matter. It's humiliating for me."

Letitia and Zen caught each other's eyes, suppressing smiles. So, Lewis felt embarrassed.

This was

been resolved. He realized that he was happy here. He didn't even consider returning to the divine land.

With his women, Zen traveled around the Central Region, enjoying themselves.

Naughty Aleyna suppressed her own cultivation base so she could take part in the Martial Arts Contest of World Commercial Alliance, to compete with some new geniuses of the Central Region.

And so she and the warriors in the Central Region fought in the same arena. The expected outcome greatly wounded the morale of the talented people in the Central Region. Zen berated Aleyna, but she was complacent.

At one point, Zen accompanied Aura back to the Eastern Region.

The Cloud Sect remained the same, but the Burning Sky Empire had changed. Under the new emperor's leadership, the Su Clan was now considered a fourth-grade clan, better than the Cloud Sect. Aura was very gratified by these developments.

Zen was indulgent in this matter. If Aura so wished, then he wouldn't prevent her from making the Burning Sky Empire as powerful as Cloud Hall.

Yet Aura did not interfere. After all, she had been gone for a long time.

The ages would change, and the empire would rise and fall, without need of any intervention. The empire's fate was in its own hands, and she thought it wouldn't be a good idea to force her own ideas on them.

At the same time, several geniuses in the Luo Clan of C County were showing extraordinary talents in the Cloud Sect. One of them became the emperor's son-in-law.

The Luo Clan had become a second-grade clan, and now stood on par with the seven great clans of the Burning Sky Empire.

The journey was pleasant for Zen, who found himself more relaxed than he had been in a while. Yet someone was still worried.

After three months, an unexpected voice suddenly spoke up.

"Zen, will you stay here for a lifetime?" It was No. 9527, who had been silent all this time.

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