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   Chapter 2945 Destined For Greatness

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Reincarnation was a little known topic to the people in the divine land.

Carlo wanted to drive Iris away, but Zen who was a consummate True God stood his ground in front of her.

He did all that with a look of impatience on his face. "What do you mean he's your husband? My son has just been born!" he snapped.

Iris tried to calm him down with an explanation but Zen interrupted her. "Sir," he said, "have you ever heard of reincarnation?"

Carlo shook his head. "You're not really taking reincarnation seriously, are you?" he asked with a skeptical look on his face.

"I understand if you don't take me seriously for now, but you'll know what I mean as soon as the baby grows up," Zen explained. "I just have one request—name him Rocher." As he spoke, he tapped the space ring with his finger. It flashed briefly and then a long sword appeared in his hand.

The Soaring Snake Sword meant death for Rocher. Now that Rocher was reborn, Mike would be unable to use the sword to control his fate again and Rocher was not fit to use it anymore.

The sword in Zen's hand was a top-level supreme primordial weapon. It wasn't the most powerful weapon around. It wasn't even more powerful than the supreme treasures of belief possessed by the Holy Beings. But it was very rare.

Its kind was rarely seen in the first and second-tier clans.

"This is for Rocher," said Zen, gesturing to offer the sword. He also took dozens of pills out and laid them on his palm.

At the sight of the pills, the bodyguards of the Ye Clan gasped. They weren't familiar with the pills, but the unique scent suggested that they were something extraordinary.

Even Carlo looked panicked at the sight of them.

The pills and the sword combined amounted to a value that was worth half of the Ye Clan's possessions. That was a lot considering that the Ye Clan was a first-tier clan. Carlo stammered through a response, "What did my son do to deserve this?!"

Zen's face had a knowing smile. "He once saved my life," he said. "These things are not

ver ten thousand times larger than an ordinary Floating Island. It looked like it was the size of thousands of divine cities.

Zen never really got rid of other powerful clans' Floating Islands. Instead, he moved them to the outskirts of the Time Sea. The Holy Beings of the powerful clans no longer had the right to modify and control the Ruling Slate.

Soon, the emerging Floating Island would become the center of the entire divine land. It would attract talents from all over, including the newly born Nine Li people. These Nine Li people inherited memories and gifts from previous lives and practiced at an alarming speed. In the future, there would be a virtuous competition between the divine citizens and the Nine Li people.

As soon as he finished all these arrangements, Zen intended to take Nelly, Laquisha and Aleyna to the Evolutionary Universe.

Nelly had always wanted to see where Zen was born, but she didn't look excited at that moment. "Zen," she finally spoke up. "I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get along with them."

She had known of the other women's existence.

"Don't worry about it," Zen said encouragingly. "You'll get along just fine." He patted Nelly's head gently.

Not far away, Laquisha glared at Zen. Trailing behind them, Aleyna yelled, "Zen, my brother-in-law, have you said that to every other woman you've had?"

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