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   Chapter 2944 Reborn

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Throughout her years of captivity, Nelly concentrated all her attention on cultivation.

She wasn't too bad. In fact, she managed to become a top-rank True God.

Rachelle had previously forbidden anyone to release Nelly, which was why the latter knew very little regarding the outside world.

The Time Sea hadn't been peaceful in the past few days. The Floating Islands, including the one of the Mu Clan kept rising and falling, leading Nelly to speculate. Something serious must've happened in the divine land, for even the Floating Islands of the various powerful clans fluctuated so greatly that some of them almost fell into the Time Sea at one point.

Nelly's heart was full of worry. She couldn't help but think of Zen and wonder how he had been doing after years of not seeing him.

As these thoughts restlessly raced through her mind, she had an even harder time calming down and focusing on the cultivation.

However, she couldn't escape the binding force of the Gods Confining Jade unless she reached the consummation of the True God Realm.

She had nearly reached her cultivation limit to transform from a low-rank True God to a top-rank one during the past few years. Further improvement would require a rare opportunity for her to go past her bottleneck.

As she contemplated on this, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

"Who is it?"

Nelly turned towards the direction of the footsteps, her ponytail swaying along with her.

She was startled to see Zen appear in front of her. A look of bafflement and then relief washed over her as she exclaimed, "Zen! You're here!"

She blurted loudly before realizing that she was drawing too much attention. She immediately covered her mouth, her expression turning vigilant.

"What are you afraid of?" Zen asked her amusingly. He couldn't help but find Nelly's reaction quite endearing.

Lowering her voice, Nelly asked, "Did you sneak into the Mu Clan to take me away?"

This girl's imagination was wild. Zen chuckled before replying, "I'm taking you away but not in secret."

"But...what about my sister?" Nelly asked with concern.

She didn't understand Zen.

Did he plan on taking her away openly? This was the Floating Island of the Mu Clan!

"Don't worry. She won't stop us," Zen reassured her.

"How can you be so sure?" Nelly asked him.

"Rachelle is...dead. She was killed in the Abyss Demon Region," Ze

lied with certainty.

Although he knew the newborn baby was Rocher's reincarnation, Zen still felt a strange feeling tugging at his heart.

"Who are you? How dare you trespass into the city lord's mansion!

How dare you!"

They had failed to slip past the guards undetected.

The leading clan that ruled the central divine city was the first tier Ye Clan. Its leader was Carlo Ye, a famous and powerful individual of the northern divine land.

The Ye Clan guards spotted some individuals sneaking into the mansion and immediately had them surrounded.

At this moment, Carlo Ye had been waiting at the door of the backyard for his wife to give birth to their child.

As he heard the shouts of the guards, Carlo Ye's face darkened and he came over quickly. Once he confirmed Zen's cultivation level, he was surprised. He asked in a deep voice, "Who are you? Why did you trespass into the Ye Clan's territory?"

Zen pondered on how to best answer his question. Without warning, Iris spoke up and said, "I've come for my husband!"

Carlo Ye was confused. He asked, "Who is your husband, exactly? Why have you come here to find him?"

"The newborn baby. He's my husband," Iris retorted.

Realizing the awkwardness of her words, her voice began to trail off.

Carlo Ye began to look at Iris as if she was a lunatic on the loose. She had a beautiful face, a noble temperament, and excellent cultivation. Was there anything wrong with her brain?

His son had just been born and this woman came out of nowhere claiming that the baby was her husband. This was strange, even in the divine land.

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