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   Chapter 2941 Revising The Rules

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Lorena nodded. With a flick of her finger, she took the Reincarnation Soul Weapon in her hand.

Her eyes closed and her eyelashes trembled as her consciousness began to roam the sea of Memory Flames.

With the ability of the Reincarnation Soul Weapon, she was able to find Pascal's Memory Flame pretty quickly.


A Memory Flame, faint orange in color, drifted over the Reincarnation Soul Weapon.

Laquisha and Aleyna stared nervously at the Memory Flame.

There was an old saying that the elder brother is like the father. Samuel had died, but it was nobody's fault but his own.

They needed support and though Joy could be that for them, she was not as close to them as Pascal was.

The Memory Flame floated towards Pascal's mind.

A long time later, Pascal slowly opened his eyes and looked at the people around him, confused.

"Laquisha, what happened to me?"

As he spoke, he felt the tips of his fingers tingling strangely. A surge of power emerged from the ring on his finger. His eyes widened at the strength of this power. This ring made him feel the existence of the Abyss Demon Region.

"What's this ring? What happened?" Pascal said, panicking. He couldn't help but want to throw the ring away from him.

Many things had happened after Pascal's Memory Flame was removed; it was a long story. Laquisha sighed and said, "Come here, brother. I'll tell you."

After Pascal and his sisters left, Iris burst out with the question she had kept down all this while, "Zen, how is Rocher now?"

Iris knew that the Mountain of Holy Beings was not closed and the competition to become Holy Beings was still going on.

What was more, Harold had told her that there was a high probability of Rocher becoming a Holy Being, and that she should not be worried about him.

But Iris could only imagine how fierce the competition would be and couldn't help but ask what was going on with Rocher at the moment.

Zen looked guilty at this question.

Iris's heart tightened at his expression and she pressed on before Zen could say anything, "What happened to him?"

"Rocher died in the Mountain of Holy Beings," Zen said gently.

Mike's expression turned serious. Rocher and Sword Chen were both from the Evolutionary Universe, and Mike had the ability to gauge

light headed straight towards the Hall of Holy Beings and it was not long before five figures appeared in the Hall of Holy Beings. The two people in the lead were Leland and Sword Chen.

When their inner worlds became Rebirth Lands, they could obtain some extra power from the divine land.

They were still just consummate True Gods in the eyes of the powerful warriors at the Other Shore Realm. But they had a strength that was much more powerful than that of consummate True Gods.

These five people looked joyful because from then on, they could be considered top-level warriors in the divine land.

The new Holy Being of the Leng Clan, Cade Leng, beamed with joy. Now that he had become a Holy Being, he was on an equal footing with Jeremiah, the Holy Emperor of the Leng Clan.

It was now that a figure appeared quietly in the Hall of Holy Beings. It was none other than Zen.

Mike, Holy Jay, Lorena and others followed him into the Hall.


Sword Chen respectfully saluted Mike even though he had become a Holy Being.

Cade Leng and the other Holy Beings glanced at Zen coldly.

Zen had suppressed almost everyone on his own in the Mountain of Holy Beings. But truth was that he was still only a True God.

They were fearful of Zen's strength but they still thought they were at a level higher than Zen.

Zen, on the other hand, didn't even look at them. He walked onto the platform of the Hall of Holy Beings and said calmly, "Holy Beings! Please come together. Some rules need to be revised."

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