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   Chapter 2940 The Floating Island Of The Han Clan

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"Kill all Yellow Emperor Guards in all regions of the divine land! Don't stop attacking them until they are all dead!"

In fact, the rules should be very precise especially if they were written on the Ruling Slate.

For example, just to be exactly clear, what did the 'Yellow Emperor Guards' mean?

Countless dwellers inhibited the divine land. What would happen if a certain normal divine citizen was called as a 'Yellow Emperor Guard'? Would the citizen be killed on the spot even though he or she was not a Yellow Emperor Guard?

However, it was still Zen's first time writing a rule. Without putting much thought into it, his rule appeared like he just described what he wanted to do.

After Zen finished writing the rule, a golden light flashed across the surface of the words, making the rule effective immediately.


In an instant, the sky displayed blue streaks of lightning.

The lightning carried such powerful and extraordinary might that Emily was not able to help but let out a gasp of surprise.

"How could this slate have such terrifying power?" Leopold exclaimed in awe.

Calmly explaining, Timotheus spoke, "It was made by the Grand Chieftain. Of course it is by no means ordinary."

Moreover, the Ruling Slate's power was mightier than its previous attacks on Zen. At that time, the disciples of the large clans below were once again in trouble.

But after their last lesson, most of them had already realized that the Floating Islands were now the epicenter of the chaos. As a result, many of them had fled the area, only planning to return once the Time Sea regained its peace.

Seeing that the Floating Islands were on the verge of collapse, the Holy Beings all prepared to take action to protect them.

Meanwhile, Zen looked down at them. Afterwards, he waved his hand gently and all the Floating Islands became stabilized in the air.

The Ruling State unleashed great power, but the Floating Islands remained calm and unshaken. Given this scenario, the True Gods still had to suffer under the immense pressure. However, this also served as a training for them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, six streaks of lightning spiraled out one by one, heading in all directions of the divine land.

It was known that the Ruling Slate had a considerably high authority within the divine land. But in terms of influence, Zen was deemed to be superior to the Ruling Slate for he had merged with the original will.

Considering that Zen had already written down the rule that implemented the killing of the Yellow Emperor Guards,

uessed what had happened in the divine land. During the past few days, they had been nothing but very worried as they hid and waited in the Evolutionary Universe.

However, just as they were about to ask what had happened, an elder of the Han Clan rushed up to Joy and cried, "Master Joy! I know that in the past, Holy Samuel treated you unfairly, and we had no way of helping you. But now that he's dead, can you please make the decisions for the Han Clan!"

Joy, Laquisha, and Aleyna were all taken aback upon hearing this elder's plea.

"Wait. Samuel... is dead?" puzzled, Joy asked.

"Yes! In fact, even his universe was destroyed," the elder said with tears starting to form in his eyes.

Meddling in the conversation, Zen added, "It was me who destroyed his universe."

Just before he killed Samuel, Zen still had some hesitations.

However, Samuel was not at all qualified to be a father. He had even tried to use his own daughters in exchange for his life right before he was killed. With this, Zen couldn't find any reason to forgive him.

Pursing her lips, Laquisha shook her head and said, "I know he deserved what happened to him."

"But what about my brother?" Aleyna asked. She knew that Pascal had been controlled by Samuel, and she was worried about his safety.

"Samuel asked him to enter the Mountain of Holy Beings and kill me, but I managed to remove Samuel's soul mark from him. In fact, he is here," Zen said as he gently waved his hand. In a blink of an eye, Pascal appeared in front of them out of the void. However, his soul had lost all memories and was reduced to nothing but a walking corpse now.

Zen turned to Lorena and said, "Mother, please help us and look for Pascal's Memory Flame."

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