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   Chapter 2937 Protecting People

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The several silver moons rapidly flipped in the air until the Slaughtering Moonlight Array, which had been disturbed by Ramzi, quickly fell back into position.

Once the messy silver moons returned to their quiet and orderly selves, Clement picked up his blood sword again.

Ramzi felt his eyesight drifting out of focus, but he braced himself and activated the Image Disrupting Array in an attempt to disturb the Slaughtering Moonlight Array once again.

However, at this moment, Clement secretly winked at the Yellow Emperor Guard who was on the other side and sent him a message through his life vitality. "It's your turn, Len."

The Yellow Emperor Guard called Len was really good at employing the soul attack.

However, his soul attack only worked on those who were unprepared, so he had yet to launch an attack during this battle.

For the past few days, Ramzi had maintained the Image Disrupting Array to combat the Slaughtering Moonlight Array. The slightest mistake or negligence on his part could lead to several deaths, so he had been on constant edge and under great pressure. Moreover, maintaining the Image Disrupting Array consumed a lot of soul power.

Clement had sensed that Ramzi's soul power was almost exhausted, so he thought that this was the perfect time for Len to launch an attack.


The yellow paper produced by Ramzi exploded. The Image Disrupting Array he was maintaining also flashed a pale yellow luster. At this critical moment, a light green demonic statue suddenly appeared above Len's head.

The statue was strange-looking and had a mustache on its face. As soon as it appeared, it let out a sharp scream that cut through the air.

Woo, woo...

A powerful rush of soul pressure spread out along with its voice.

The faces of Emily, Timotheus, Leopold, and the other warriors at the Other Shore Realm all darkened. With their strength, they managed to resist the soul attack.

Mike and Lorena, however, felt as if their souls had been pricked by needles. The intense soul pain made their faces turn pale.

"Damn it! Quick, go and help Ramzi!"

"His soul power is exhausted. I'm afraid he can't hold on!"

Emily was the first to jump to action. With a flick of her hand, she conjured up a colorful necklace that could help the wearer resist the

Before Mike and Lorena could get up from the ground, Clement launched another strike and an invisible force swiftly shot toward them.

This time, the two of them had no way of dodging Clement's attack. Moreover, it was all happening in such a short time that no one could step in to help them. Even the Nine Li Guards who were running toward them had helpless looks on their faces.

Mike had no choice but to hold Lorena in his arms, his heart sinking into despair.

It was not a big deal for him to be killed by the Slaughtering Moonlight Array. After all, he could come back to life in his universe. Lorena, however, had no chance of coming back if she were to die.

But at this moment, the invisible force seemed to bump into something and made a crisp sound.

Everyone was stunned. So far, no one had been able to stop Clement's attacks, not even Emily and Timotheus.

Clement himself was taken aback, unable to figure out what was going on.

As he stared intently at Lorena and Mike, he saw a blue shadow of triangle shield gradually emerge in front of them. It was this shield that had blocked his strike.

"The Heavenly Mirror Shield?"

Timotheus, Emily, and Leopold were stunned.

Clement frowned in confusion. When he had led the Yellow Emperor Guards to the divine land, he had tried to break the outer layer of the divine land, only to be stopped by the Heavenly Mirror Shield.

But normally, the Heavenly Mirror Shield only protected the divine land. Why was it taking the initiative to protect people now?

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