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   Chapter 2935 Meet Maha Again

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Zen slowly floated in the depths of the Time Sea.

Scarlet blood weaved and swirled among the waves. Strangely, the blood did not dissipate or dissolve into the water of the Time Sea, like oil to water.

At the moment when Leyton exploded, Zen saw a faint red triangular fragment that was burning with intensity.

"Is that triangular fragment his Other Shore Token?" Zen wondered aloud.

At the sight of the triangular fragment, Zen felt a completely different aura, the likes of which he had never experienced before.

"Yes," No. 9527 replied. "The power of warriors at the Other Shore Realm originates from such a token. You will find out what that means when you reach the Other Shore."

An incredible amount of power was released when the Other Shore Token was incinerated for Leyton to self-destruct, but it was naive of him to think that he could drag Zen to die with him.

To succeed in killing Zen within the confines of the divine land, one should have the ability to destroy the entire divine land. Zen had yet to meet an opponent who held that kind of power.

Zen pondered for a moment and suddenly recalled that Leyton had previously mentioned the Sky Guard Pavilion and Clement.

"Damn, something has happened outside the divine land!"

Zen was unable to tell if Leyton's words were true, but it was obvious that he had every confidence on that Clement.

If Timotheus and Emily could not deal with the situation, then the others would be placed in grave danger.

The Holy Beings would be fine; they could still be reborn even if they were killed. Unfortunately for his mother, she did not have a Rebirth Land.


Zen's body vibrated slightly and disappeared from the bottom of the Time Sea. In the next moment, he appeared in front of the Mountain of Holy Beings.

Estelle and Holy Jay had felt the tremors from the shore of the Time Sea. They were extremely worried about Zen's safety. When he appeared before their eyes safe and sound, both of them couldn't hold back their sigh of relief.

Zen glanced at the Holy Beings in the distance and remarked softly, "I want to investigate the situation in the outside world. Take care of the matters hereabouts."

Holy Jay frowned and said, "But your strength..."

"I will not leave the divine land," Zen rebutted the other's worried admonition with conviction.

Zen's cultivation was at the consummate True God Realm. In terms of physical might, he was slightly stronger than Holy Beings. Even so, all of his power was tied t

consummate True God Realm, but he kept his aura in check.

In the Murphy Universe, even the highest of Supreme Lords could only distinguish between low-rank and mid-rank True Gods. It was impossible for them to recognize Zen's cultivation level.

Maha himself thought that Zen had only used secret techniques to conceal his cultivation and that the latter was a mere world lord.

Besides, the Murphy Universe was his turf! Any altercation in the Murphy Universe would summon Holy Murphy at any time. Even if Zen was powerful, Maha sincerely doubted that he would be stronger than the Holy Being who had created this universe.

Thus, Maha feared nothing.

"It has been more than two hundred years, but you haven't changed at all..." Zen tutted and shook his head.

Back in the Evolutionary Universe, Zen was also considered as one of the top talents. However, it was not until he stepped into the divine land that he had realized just how insignificant he had been.

Maha's father was a Supreme Lord of the Murphy Universe, so Maha was naturally domineering and arrogant in his territory. However, failure to change after stepping into the divine land spelled big trouble and considerable loss for him.

Before Zen could finish his words, Maha suddenly shook the spear in his hand. The spear shot towards Zen, moving like a poisonous dragon.

As the spear was closing in on Zen, it only managed to move halfway to its target and no further. An invisible force had stopped it.

At that moment, Murphy appeared in front of Maha. He gently held the tip of his spear with two fingertips and flashed Maha a look of cold contempt. Then, he turned his head and smiled at Zen.

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