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   Chapter 2934 The Other Shore Token

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The brocade box traveled two hundred billion miles and appeared in Zen's hand in the blink of an eye.


The brocade box cracked open, revealing a bit of the Memory Flame.

Zen had obtained the Reincarnation Soul Weapon in the Reincarnation Land, but he wasn't able to read Samuel's memory at the time. He knew that Samuel must have done something to hide his Memory Flame, but he had no idea where the latter hid it.

But now Zen knew all about the divine land. He would immediately learn about the entire truth once a question popped out in his heart.

"I am not like Nicholas, who gave you the opportunity to return. Your memory will be gone along with you..." Zen said in a menacingly low voice.

The moment Samuel saw the brocade box, a terrified expression spread across his face.

He was not afraid of the destruction of the whole universe or even of his physical body. After all, as long as his Memory Flame still existed, he could return.

Back then, he knew that he would be invincible as long as he kept the Memory Flame intact.

He had extraordinary talent, and he had the experience being a Holy Being in two lifetimes. Even if he was killed, he could be reborn again and again.

Samuel had never expected Zen to find his Memory Flame so easily.

"How... How did you know that?" Samuel asked in a trembling voice, as the arrogance in his eyes slowly faded away.

"The divine land has no secrets from me," Zen replied.

"Let me go! Please! Give me a chance. I can ask both my daughters to stay with you and serve you if you want!" Samuel begged shakily.

He thought he was offering Zen a good deal but in truth, it would have been better if he didn't mention Laquisha and Aleyna. When he spoke of his daughters, Zen flew into a rage. With a flick of his finger, he immediately extinguished the green Memory Flame!

Even after the universe collapsed, and the body and soul were both destroyed, Samuel would not really die until his Memory Flame was put out.

Since he had these multiple layers of protection, normal people, or even the Yellow Emperor Guards, wouldn't succeed in trying to kill him.

Samuel's miserable end sent a chill down the spines of the Holy Beings.

In fact, Samuel's death was exact

ce of strength. If they burn the Other Shore Token, they will be punished by the truth, so this guy will have a very miserable ending..." No. 9527 elaborated.

Leyton's eyes turned red. By this time his whole body seemed to have been soaked in blood. The force erupted by him had surpassed his own strength.

The power within his body began to surge wildly. Leyton was a thin man, but right now he had turned into a large person.

The Holy Beings, who were watching from not far away, sensed his power, and were petrified. They quickly fled the scene using the Grand Teleportation technique.



Unlike the others, Holy Jay and Estelle tried to fly towards Zen.

"Go away! Run!"

Zen warned them.

It was difficult for him to estimate how much power Leyton would unleash by burning the Other Shore Token. After all, he only learned about the Other Shore Token seconds ago.

With all this uncertainty, there was only one option left for Zen. He used the Grand Teleportation technique, and took Leyton, who was still expanding crazily, to the space channel and then moved deeper into the Time Sea.

Estelle and Holy Jay watched Zen disappear with Leyton, and the next moment, a dull roar broke forth from the Time Sea. The entire ground around the Time Sea began to shake violently and in the middle of the Time Sea, there appeared a mass of bright red blood.

Even the fragments of time could not devour all the blood, and a strong smell of blood permeated the skies.

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