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   Chapter 2933 Extinguish The Memory Flame

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Blood red flames burst out from Hamish's eyes and shot towards Zen.

Rather than dodge the flames, Zen simply stood there, letting them hit him. As they dissipated, however, he emerged unscathed.

The Mountain of Holy Beings behind him glimmered with silver light.

Zen could transfer the attacks he received to the Mountain of Holy Beings, which could not be destroyed.

One of Zen's adversaries, Lorcan, was covered in silken threads of glimmering silver. Some of them hung from his hands. These threads looked soft, but they were sharp as steel. He tried to wrap Zen in those threads like a spider would catch its prey; however, Zen resisted them without making the slightest move.

As long as these Other Shore Realm warriors were not strong enough to take on the entire divine land and win, they could not hurt Zen there.

Suddenly, a thought flitted through Zen's mind. As it did, the power of the Everest Spirit Mountain that had gathered in his body began to flow rapidly through his veins, making them black and bulging. He shook with the great power within his body.

He tapped the air with his finger, emanating an invisible force that spread out, enveloping Lorcan and Hamish.

Even if Estelle could control the Soul Wilderness, she couldn't compete with Zen in the use of the Scepter of Gods' Silence.

Estelle's use of the Scepter of Gods' Silence was as crude as if it were a sledgehammer. She could only silence the entire divine land at once. Zen, on the other hand, could control the range of his power and use his techniques selectively.

The same applied to the Everest Spirit Mountain: Zen could milk every ounce of power from it, unlike Harold, who could only access a small fraction of it.

Once Lorcan and Hamish were silenced, the silver threads hanging off Lorcan suddenly disappeared, as did the flames on Hamish's body. They were so sucked of power that they collapsed onto the ground, unable to stay suspended in midair.

Zen instantaneously teleported to Hamish's side, and without further ado, he pushed through the thickened space around him and punched Hamish with his huge fist.


Immediately, Hamish's body appeared to snap in half and hallow out, the hole becoming more and more pronounced as Zen's power rained down onto him. Almost in slow motion, his body began to disintegrate and soon turned into a cloud of

nd even the soul within his mind.

Samuel had no last words. But he gave Zen a final glare of hatred before he succumbed to his wounds and died.

Zen continued to look into Samuel's eyes emotionlessly. "You have a part of the Stone Mouse's theurgy," he said. "Also, you have hidden your Memory Flame. Did you really think I wouldn't find out?"

The muscles on Samuel's face, that had, too, begun to crack, twitched. His eyes filled with fear.

"Let me tell you what you did. You took your Memory Flame from the Reincarnation Land and hid it in the ancestral grave of the Yue Clan, thinking you could still be reincarnated if you died," said Zen slowly, twisting his hand in the air.

Immediately, an invisible space wave flew through the divine land like a spear, heading straight for a divine city.

The Yue Clan had once been the largest clan in the city and one of the large clans on the Floating Islands.

When Gregorio was killed, the city where the Yue Clan had been located became desolate and the ancestral land ended up being destroyed.

The alliance of the powerful clans had, thereafter, placed a ban on the Yun Clan. Even if the Thousand Commandments Slate remained in the city, no one would dare occupy it. Passersby would lament its destruction, but would not dare enter.

Then, a moss-covered tomb in the cave of one of the barren mountains behind the divine city suddenly shook.


The lid of the ancient tomb had been flung open by an invisible force. A small brocade box shot out from inside and was quickly sucked into the space channel.

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