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   Chapter 2931 Killing

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The light of the thunder punishment lasted for five minutes. The blazing white light caused great discomfort in the eyes of the Holy Beings, and the constant roars were deafening.

Eventually, the fierce thunder punishment gradually subsided after five minutes.

The thunder light began to dim, and at last, it turned into a statue-like figure that was enveloped by thunder and lightning.

At the sight of the figure, Samuel clenched his fists and looked very nervous.

Leyton also looked cautious. He usually had a calm demeanor, but at the moment, he could feel his heart pounding.


Flashes of lightning still cracked and sizzled on the surface of the figure, but they had become less now.

Slowly, as the lightning disappeared, Zen's figure was revealed.

All the Holy Beings present were shocked at this moment as if an incredible truth had been revealed.

"He is actually safe and sound," Murphy muttered to himself in disbelief.

Some Holy Beings were quick to react, as they understood what it meant.

Crack, crack, crack!

The remaining lightning collected in Zen's palm, and transformed into a pocket-sized lightning dragon circling his palm.

Zen gazed at the small dragon for a while and then raised his head. He looked at Leyton in the distance and asked, "Is this the result you want?"

Leyton stopped short in the air, his eyes twitching uncontrollably.

The Yellow Emperor Guards had been imprisoned for so many years, and had long hoped and prayed for the removal of the Mixed Element Seals.

But he never thought that he would have to face this consequence when he was finally free. How could he accept it?

"Act now! Kill him!" Leyton roared in anger.

His order could not be disobeyed, but the Holy Beings did not move as hesitation was written all over their faces.

Even the deathly thunder punishment couldn't kill Zen. If they chose to fight him, wouldn't that be like courting death?

The Holy Beings were hesitant and debating this internally when Hamish and Lorcan had rushed over.

They had a different stand from the Holy Beings. This was a life-or-death battle and they had no choice but to fight to the death.

With a pat of Leyton's hand the Sea Cracking Skull opened its mouth. Streaks of blood spurted out from its huge mouth.

but call out, "Zen?"

Zen turned his head and smiled at her and Holy Jay. "That was so dangerous. If you hadn't used the Scepter of Gods' Silence, I wouldn't have known that you were in danger."

Holy Jay was relieved and he looked down.

Zen appeared and the power of his punch was extremely terrifying.

Zavier plummeted and smashed into a mountain. A huge crater appeared on the ground from the impact. However, he was still alive and he slowly climbed up from the crater.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and it instantly turned into an arrow and created a hole filled with blood on the firm gangue layer under the ground.

There was no fear on his face. On the contrary, a strong desire to fight rose inside him. A person like him was born to fight, and the more powerful his opponent was, the more determined he was to fight.

"Interesting. No one in the divine land can fight. Haha! I want to fight with you until the winner is decided!" Zavier laughed wickedly.

Special textures emerged all over his body, and his body expanded.

Zen looked down at him and shook his head dismissively. "I don't have the time to fight with you."

With a light tap of his finger, tiny streaks of lightning appeared and transformed into a small silver dragon. As his fingertip gently flipped down, the silver dragon emitted a dazzling light and turned into a huge thunder punishment, pouring towards Zavier who was still in the crater.

The next thing Zavier knew, he was being swallowed by the thunder punishment.

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