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   Chapter 2928 Zen's Power

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When Zen stopped in midair, the Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods watching him began to feel a little nervous.

Just now, Zen's movements had been so fast and strange that they hadn't been able to observe him clearly. Now that he was staying still, however, they noticed the dramatic change in him.

His aura seemed to be completely different now.

Although it was gentle, it also seemed to be almighty, as if Zen was the ruler of the world. The Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods suddenly had an urge to bow or even kneel to him.

Anyone who could cultivate enough to become a consummate True God or a Demi-holy Being was considered a top talent in the divine land. All of the people here fighting over the holy springs had the ambition and desire to break through to be a Holy Being. For this, they would even risk their lives.

They would indeed feel awe in the presence of a Holy Being or a warrior at the Other Shore Realm, but they might not submit to them easily.

However, the moment they saw Zen, they felt an involuntary urge to submit to him. It was so irrational that it took them by shock.

"You say I came back to occupy a holy spring?" Zen laughed. Then, he stretched out his hand and waved it, causing the entire area to tremble.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Under everyone's gaze, silver holy springs spurted from the plain one after another.

Soon, there were more than a hundred holy springs in front of them! These holy springs were arranged in a ring, like a magnificent fountain.

"What? Am I daydreaming?"

"So many holy springs!"

"Does this mean every one of us can become a Holy Being?"

The eyes of these Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods nearly popped out in surprise.

Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that Zen could create so many holy springs with just a wave of his hand. How had Zen done it?

But regardless of how confused or curious they were, they were much more eager to go ahead and occupy one of the several holy springs.

"We don't have to fight with each other anymore! Ha-ha, I can also become a Holy Being."

"I can do it too!"

"There are more than enough holy springs for all of us."

The truth was, none of these people actually wanted to fight with each other. It was just that the scarcity of the holy springs had pitted them against each other. At least this time, five holy springs had appeared, so the chances of them becoming Holy Beings had been relatively larger than in th

of Holy Beings. However, at the last moment, Leyton had used the Sea Cracking Skull to break Estelle's Scepter of Gods' Silence.

Enraged by the incident, Leyton had ordered Zavier and Salim to hunt Estelle down.

Every time Estelle used the Scepter of Gods' Silence, powerful energy waves would be generated, and then they would quickly dissipate. However, the traces that they left behind would linger for a long time. Such traces would go unnoticed by normal warriors, but they didn't escape Salim's eyes.

In addition, Salim was also able to find out her whereabouts through the space fluctuations produced when she used the Grand Teleportation. Thus, Salim and Zavier followed the space fluctuations all the way.

In the meantime, Estelle and Holy Jay were as careful as they could be. Ever since Zen successfully entered the Mountain of Holy Beings, Estelle and Holy Jay had used the Grand Teleportation more than a hundred times until they finally stopped in a small remote place, where they believed they would be safe.

Of course, leaving the divine land altogether would have been much safer, but they wanted to stay behind to observe whether Zen succeeded or not.

"Two universes shook, indicating that two of them have succeeded in becoming Holy Beings. But only two. Do you think something has gone wrong?" Estelle speculated.

Holy Jay had made the same observation, but he still said, "The competition in the Mountain of Holy Beings won't end so soon. It's useless for us to speculate about it. Let's just wait and see."

Just then, a space crack opened above this small town, and Zavier and Salim jumped out of it. They found Estelle and Holy Jay!

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