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   Chapter 2927 Devour The Original Will

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

The baby ran over to Zen, leaving huge footprints on the desert sand.

Although it looked adorable and innocent, Zen couldn't help but shiver as it approached him.

"Well, if you really don't want to be devoured by the baby, I can help you. To be honest, if we came here even two years after the original will was born, I wouldn't be able to do anything. Luckily for you, dealing with the original will in its infancy is a piece of cake for me," said No. 9527.

"You can resist the original will?" Zen asked curiously.

"How could that be possible? This is the will of the divine land. Even though it has just been born, it is impossible for me to contend against it. I am only going to guide it," No. 9527 said.

This only confused Zen further. "Guide it? How?"

"I will let it devour me, of course."

As soon as No. 9527 said these words, a pale green soul floated out from Zen's chest.

This soul was, in fact, only a small part of No. 9527, but it contained enough of its essence and its memories to do the job.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The baby was now only a few hundred feet away from Zen. The original will did not actually have a body. This was just the form it had taken.

In this form, it was extremely sensitive to soul power, so No. 9527's soul quickly attracted its attention.


No. 9527's soul turned out to be very cooperative. After swirling around in the air for a while, it flew into the baby's mouth, and just like that, the baby swallowed the pale green soul.

The baby smacked its lips and looked at Zen hungrily. The soul was rather tasty and the baby wanted more.

However, just as it took a step toward Zen, its huge body suddenly trembled, and a trace of green gradually appeared in its originally pure eyes. Slowly, it swaggered toward Zen.

Realizing that he could move his body again, Zen asked in surprise, "What on earth did you do to the baby?"

It seemed that No. 9527 had successfully tamed the baby.

"It's simple. It swallowed part of my soul, so now, the original will is contaminated by me. However, there is only one will in the soul that it swallowed, and that is to let you devour it," No. 9527 explained indifferently.

state, so most of them chose to stay behind and watch.

All of them wanted to recover to their best health in the shortest time possible, so they were pouring pills into their mouths one by one, as if these pills were free.

By now, Zen had already passed through the plain and was heading straight for the holy springs.

Although he seemed to be moving leisurely, the distance he was covering was astonishing.

The Space Law seemed to have no effect on him. When he took ten steps, he covered the same distance that other people would only cover with a hundred steps. Usually, one would have to use the Grand Teleportation to achieve this effect. However, Zen wasn't using it. There wasn't even a trace of space fluctuation around him.

One of the competitors noticed Zen and his strange movements. "Everybody, look, Zen is here again!"

In view of Zen's terrifying power, no one dared to ignore him. They all stared at him in awe.

"Why has he come back here?"

"Is he planning to occupy a holy spring again?"

"Maybe he will try it again!"

These people immediately became nervous. They knew that even though Zen's attempt to bathe in the holy spring had failed, he would be unwilling to accept it.

And if Zen chose to forcibly occupy a holy spring, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. After all, none of them was a match for him.

Zen hadn't planned to pay attention to these people at first. But when he heard what they said, he suddenly stopped.

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