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   Chapter 2926 Original Will

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As Zen turned the corner of the passageway, he finally saw what awaited him at the end.

As he had expected, the passageway led to a desert made of colorful sand.

A gust of strong wind blew a thin layer of colorful sand into the passageway.

Without hesitation, Zen walked straight toward the desert. It was exactly the same as what he had seen in the space-times on both sides of the passageway.

But he clearly knew that those spaces had been windows into the past; the desert in front of him was the one that existed in the present.

The main difference he noticed was that the wind in this desert seemed to be much milder, and the tornadoes had disappeared altogether. Zen swept his eyes around for more clues and found that the sand dune in the center of the desert had collapsed.

'Did the baby manage to materialize and climb out of the basin?' Zen wondered, a trace of anxiety gripping him.

As if on cue, a chuckle rang out again. As he walked forward, Zen finally saw a gigantic baby on the other side of the sand dune.

The baby was playing with the sand on the ground, and the cross that had been hovering above the basin had landed on its head.

The baby inserted its hands into the sand and gently kneaded it before throwing the fistful of sand at Zen.

As this fistful of sand flew in the air, it turned into a colorful spiral.


Fortunately, the spiral wasn't coming at Zen at full speed. He gently twisted his body and avoided the spiral.

The baby didn't seem to care at all and continued to giggle with an innocent look on its face.

Once again, it gathered the sand in its hands and threw it at Zen, and once again, Zen dodged the spiral.

As he moved, he suddenly found that the Infinity Ruler in his mind had turned in the opposite direction.

Now, the Infinity Ruler was pointing to the baby instead of some part of the maze.

'Is the Infinity Ruler guiding me toward the baby?' Zen wondered in confusion. His eyes twitched as he struggled to understand what this baby's existence meant.

As he was pondering over this, the baby suddenly got up on its feet and stood at a height of almost 400 feet.

Then, it ran toward Zen li

ill died."

No. 9527's speculation was actually very close to the truth.

The person who was responsible for the suppression of the original will of the divine land was the leader of the Sun Blind race. Ever since she had taken over the Time Sea Forbidden Land, this had become her mission.

However, when she had learned that the Mountain of Holy Beings had appeared in advance, she had known that the Infinity Ruler had been activated and that her mission had come to an end. In order to avoid being threatened or put in a tough spot, she had ended her life very decisively.

"Anyway, it doesn't matter. The biggest problem now is how to deal with this baby," Zen said in his mind.

"'s actually not a problem. This original will is very pure. It has just been born, so it doesn't have any thoughts or intentions of its own; that's why it has taken a baby's form. Even if the baby devours you, your memories will quickly affect it, and then it will become you. So it wouldn't matter even if you were devoured," No. 9527 said with a laugh.

"What? Are you kidding me? I don't want to be devoured!" Zen shouted in his mind.

Deep in his heart, he knew that No. 9527's words were reasonable. Even if he was swallowed by the baby, he would still be Zen, and the baby would be affected by his chaotic memories and eventually turn into him.

And yet, Zen felt a huge resistance to the concept of letting himself be swallowed by the baby.

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