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   Chapter 2923 The Power Of Moonlight

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Clement had his back flat on the ground and his eyes towards Emily who was hovering over him. To Clement's surprise, she had transformed into a giant.

"Is that the body of a Wild God?"

Clement was sure of what it was. It was almost unbelievable for him, except he knew that Emily had the strength to transform into a giant in such a short period of time.

As far as he knew, the Ancient God Cultivation Method had completely disappeared from the Source World. And so it shocked him to witness it again in the divine land.

As soon as Emily had activated the body of Wild God, she immediately launched an attack. She towered over Clement who was looking like a tiny ant for her. She simply held her finger towards Clement, allowed it to emit circles of colorful light and, with great force, pressed Clement with it.

Unless Clement found a way to magically escape Emily's giant finger, he was as good as dead. In a moment of desperation, two blood runes suddenly emerged from his eyes.

In an instant, the power of the two runes covered Clement and his entire body was now covered in blood!


The ground beneath them vibrated against the impact of Emily's huge finger. As it did, the Heavenly Mirror Shield appeared on the surface of the divine land.

The Heavenly Mirror Shield protected the divine land from the wrath of Emily's force. Otherwise, the divine land would have been shattered into pieces.

Any other powerful warrior of the Other Shore Realm would have had turned into a pool of blood with Emily's attack.

But Clement still had something up his sleeve. Instead of letting himself be shattered, he gave up his life force and turned himself into a corpse. This way, he turned into a dead man but with an almost invincible corpse.

Using this power came with many risks, of course. Each time he would use it, he had to actually kill himself and only a secret method could be used to bring himself back to life. He didn't use it unless he was desperate.

As Emily lifted her finger, she was astonished to see Clement's body in full form. She lifted her palm and, with all

her arm. As she glanced over, her right arm had been cut off from her body. As soon as the arm dropped to the ground, it shrunk to its original size. Blood spilled out from her amputated shoulder like a waterfall.

"Let's see if you can dodge this," Clement teased with a laugh. Once more, he felt invincible.

Just as Clement raised his silver sword, a figure clad in green rushed out from the side. It was an Other Shore Realm warrior from the Snake Goddess race.

"Isla! No!"

Emily exclaimed as she saw the woman in green.

Clement sneered and waved the silver sword once more. He wasn't aiming at Isla, but she was blocking his way, and so her body was torn apart from the middle and blood splashed all over the ground.

Isla and Emily were incredibly close. Isla had been shadowing Emily for countless years. Emily was devastated at the sight of Isla's broken body.

"Don't be sad. You'll join her soon," Clement said with a chuckle as he raised the silver sword up high.

With the power of the Slaughtering Moonlight Array, he now had everything under his control.

Ramzi gnashed his teeth at the sight of Clement. He took out a yellow talisman, patted it, and spurted a mouthful of blood.


His blood stained the talisman. It burned and erupted into flames. The flames flew towards the crescent moons in the sky.

At the same time, Clement slashed his sword at Emily.

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