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   Chapter 2918 The Maze

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Occupying a holy spring was not an easy task.

In fact, it would not be easy for Sword Chen to rush into the spring even if there was nothing to interfere with him.

The stronger one was, the fiercer the holy spring's counterattack would be.

After four hours, he took a quick break and then resumed to attack the holy spring again.

Sword Chen was fortunate enough that no one dared to fight with him to compete for the holy spring, making him feel more relaxed.

Finally, after half a day of fighting, he passed the test of the holy spring.

All the fighting had hurt him badly, but after passing the test, he didn't mind the wounds at all.

To him, if he could make it and become a Holy Being, then all his efforts would not be in vain.

Meanwhile, cupping his hands joyfully at Zen, he walked towards the holy spring.

At that moment, the silver holy spring water suddenly poured out of the spring and started to wash his body.

While bathing in the holy spring, Zen noticed that the spring water couldn't penetrate his body, let alone enter his inner world.

However, this was a different case for Sword Chen as the silver water continuously merged into his body, flowing along his meridians and reuniting in his elixir field.

Not long after, he was transformed into a shiny "silver man."

Sword Chen shining with utmost luster attracted a lot of people's attention.

The holy spring water continued to gather, and a stream of silver water suddenly appeared on Sword Chen's head.


Immediately, the silver water soared into the sky, which then vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, a strong and sudden space fluctuation came from the divine land. Soon after, a thunder-like roar spread throughout the divine land.

This sound of thunder, however, resembled that of a collapsing universe.

But the people from the divine land had also made it clear that ever since the Mountain of Holy Beings had appeared, the sound could also mean that some Holy Being was creating their universe.

"Another warrior has become a Holy Being!"

"I wonder who it is this time."

"It's so fast that someone has become a Holy Being, much faster than the previous times. The Mountain of Holy Beings has not even been opened for one day, and yet that Holy Being's universe has already been built!"

Having felt the movement from their feet, the disciples in the

as he came into contact with the mountain wall, silver light flashed in front of him and he was inside the mountain.

In front of him was a long and dark corridor.

"Wow, it is indeed the entrance of the maze." A helpless smile appeared on Zen's face.

The entrance to the maze had always been located in the Mountain of Holy Beings, and for so many divine eras, countless consummate True Gods and Demi-holy Beings had come into the Mountain of Holy Beings.

There must have been someone exploring the internal space of the Mountain of Holy Beings in curiosity, and someone must have found the valley that existed at the other end of the plain.

However, only Bromley had found the entrance to the maze. He must have entered the maze accidentally.

Observing the place for a short while, Zen continued to walk forward along the passageway of the maze.

After he turned two corners along the passageway, a familiar feeling came into being.

When he was at the end of the True Path, he passed through a similar maze which was created by Bromley. That maze was a copy of this one.

Back then, Bromley had walked through the maze for quite a while, but he found that he couldn't pass the maze, so he had no choice but to leave.

Zen, on the other hand, was different. Every time he took a turn in the maze, the Infinity Ruler in his mind would show him the right path. And if he faced two or three crossings, he could still make the right choice with the help of the Infinity Ruler.

After a couple of turns, Zen moved smoothly through the maze with the help of the Infinity Ruler.

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