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   Chapter 2917 Giving Up The Holy Spring

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Zen stood still inside the holy spring, letting his body gently soak in the silver spring water.

His attention was not on the spring water itself, but on why Chiyou had arranged such a test in the first place.

If the Yellow Emperor Guards hadn't killed anyone from the Nine Li race all those years ago, would the Nine Li people still have had to kill each other like this in order to become Holy Beings?

Anyone who had reached the consummation of True God Realm could be considered useful in the Nine Li race. They were the hopes for the future.

As soon as this thought came to his mind, Zen patted his head and realized that he had made a big mistake.

If the Nine Li people were still alive, they would have been a whole. In that case, this many people wouldn't be able to enter the Mountain of Holy Beings, and there wouldn't be such a cruel competition. The holy springs were only a test.


After that realization, Zen continued to bathe in the holy spring, but he soon discovered something wrong.

Before entering the Mountain of Holy Beings, he had been told that all he needed to do was occupy a holy spring, which was not a difficult task for him.

Then, as he bathed in the holy spring, the spring water was supposed to enter his elixir field and merge with his inner world.

However, the spring water wasn't entering his body at all. It just gathered around his body and slid down his skin like ordinary spring water. He felt as if he was taking a bath!

"The spring water isn't entering my body. What's going on?" A strange expression appeared on Zen's face. "No. 9527, do you know what's going on?" he asked.

No. 9527 thought for a moment and then said, "The role of the Rebirth Land is to connect your life to it. The holy spring can help you build a Rebirth Land. Since it seems to be incompatible with you, it means that you can't connect your life to a Rebirth Land."

The explanation was quite easy to understand, but a helpless expression came over Zen's face. "There must be a reason!" he cried.

After thinking for a while, No. 9527 shook its head and said, "Who knows what the reason is? Maybe the holy spring doesn't like you."

Zen was rendered speechless. He pursed his lips with an expression of dismay.

'My father built the Evo


One of them thought for a moment and replied, "They are nothing at all."

"So I'm not interested," Zen said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"But my supreme treasure of belief..."


The group became anxious at once.

Who would be willing to give up such a good opportunity?

However, Zen's annoyance was rising. His face darkened, and a cold aura suddenly shot out from him. "I have given this holy spring to Leland. You all should leave. Otherwise, don't blame me for what happens next!"

Seeing that Zen was angry, the crowd went silent. They reluctantly left, casting longing glances at the holy spring.

Leland, on the other hand, felt very much indebted to Zen.

It had never occurred to him that the journey to the Abyss Demon Region could bring him the opportunity to be a Holy Being. In no time, his clan would join the powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

Without any hesitation, Leland rushed toward the holy spring, and Zen retreated.

However, Leland still had to face the test of the silver men. The moment he approached the holy spring, six silver men appeared in the pool just like before.

After Zen withdrew from the holy spring, he did not go to look for the maze.

After leaving the Abyss Demon Region, Sword Chen had been unable to use the force of primitive fear. With his current strength, he might not be able to go up against a group of Demi-holy Beings if they decided to besiege him. So, Zen intended to stay here until Sword Chen finished bathing in the holy spring.

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