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   Chapter 2916 Bathe In The Holy Spring

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From the viewpoint of the Yellow Emperor Guards, the divine land looked as if it was only a little bit larger than a grain of sand. But, nestled in the middle of a grayish brown, it remained a sight to behold.

"Look at that beauty!" Godfrey exclaimed as he stared at the vast divine land before him.

"Chiyou took a lot of efforts to create this world," Clement remarked nonchalantly. "Of course it won't be ordinary."

Another person assessed the distance between them and the divine land. "With the current speed of the Trumpet Flying Ship," he concluded, "we'd need roughly five days to reach it."

The vastness of the chaos was intense.

While the divine land was already at their line of sight, it would still take them a while to reach it.

"Everyone, get ready," Clement announced. "We may need to face fierce battles after five days. How many divine crystals do we have on this Trumpet Flying Ship?"

"Around three hundred," Godfrey reported. "That's enough for us to return."

"Use all these divine crystals to prepare the Slaughtering Moonlight Array," Clement ordered.

The Yellow Emperor Guards exchanged surprise glances. Godfrey was the one to say what was on everyone's minds. "If we consume all of the divine crystals," he started. "How are we going to go back? We don't need the Slaughtering Moonlight Array to kill those Other Shore Realm warriors, do we?"

Clement shook his head. "Do as what I said. Just to be on the safe side. I have the feeling that we'll have a tough battle ahead of us. Besides, if we successfully occupy the divine land, it would have the resources we need to return."

Even without the Trumpet Flying Ship, they could still return to the Source World. It would just take a longer time.

Meanwhile, in the Mountain of Holy Beings,.

Zen was rushing towards the silver water pool again.

This time, ten figures emerged from the water.

The ten silver men were of great power, yet they were unable to cause any substantial damage to Zen.

Golden light shot out of Zen's body and it tore the silver men into pieces.

It took several rounds for Zen to realize that the fighting strategy of the silver men in the holy spring was the same as that of the person who attacked them.

For one, the silver men used swords to attack Sword Chen just as what he did. And the Godly Way they used was exactly the same as Sword Chen's.

Zen relied on his fists and own strength to f

e holy spring was rather fast as he now was faced with six silver men.

The moment Glendon Leng rushed over, he felt a chill.

Leland was trained to be more vigilant than ordinary Demi-holy Beings, thanks to his experience in the Abyss Demon Region. As soon as he felt the chill, he bent down.

Because of his quick response, the ice sword missed his scalp by a short distance.

Glendon Leng clenched his fist in frustration; he had failed to hit Leland with his sword strike. He breathed deeply and decided to strike again.

However, Leland was already floating backward and had avoided the second sword strike from Glendon Leng. At the same time, he quickly distanced himself from the holy spring.

Glendon Leng didn't chase after him. Leland wasn't his primary target anyway. His goal was to kill all the competitors so that he could bathe in the holy spring in peace.

Leland successfully retreated to a thousand feet away. He looked at the scene and smiled bitterly. 'These disciples of the powerful clans are too aggressive, ' he thought to himself.

Just then, Leland heard someone cry loudly close by.

"Look! Zen moved so fast. He has started bathing in the holy spring!"

"Another Holy Being is about to be born!"

"Holy crap! His strength has already surpassed that of a Holy Being! He deserves to gain the title of a Holy Being!"

People talked among themselves with eyes full of envy.

Then, the envy in their eyes disappeared as soon as they all realized something. "Something's wrong," someone finally said. "It seems like the holy spring failed to integrate into Zen's body. That's strange."

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