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   Chapter 2915 Fight For The Holy Springs

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Each time the Mountain of Holy Beings came, a disaster would dawn on the Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods.

In order to fight for a holy spring, everyone would spare no effort.

Anyone who would reach the consummation of True God Realm was by no means ordinary. As they knew that they only needed to go one step further to reach the peak of the world, the attraction was irresistible to them.

Flying his way to reach the holy spring, Zen could already see how it was getting closer to him.


Like mercury, the shiny silver water came out of the holy spring. However, mercury was viscous, while the silver water flowed quickly.

Flowing down the ground, the silver water rushed to the center of the spring on a low terrain, quickly forming a silver pool.

Sauntering towards it, Zen was now a thousand feet away from the holy spring. Suddenly, the surface of the pool fluctuated.


Bubbles started to appear on top of the silver pool.

A few moments later, a silver head came out of the water, followed by neck, body and legs.

Soon, a complete human body rose from the spring water.

Leaving the pool, it rushed straight towards Zen.

"Is this the test of the holy spring?" Zen tried his best to remain calm.

He knew that to occupy a holy spring, one had to be ready to fight both the other challengers and the holy spring itself.

Seeing the silver man coming straight for him, Zen didn't even need to dodge. With a flick of his finger, a red lotus bloomed from his fingertip, immediately sweeping towards the silver man.

If the silver man was made of energy, the attack of the red lotus should do the trick.


With the red lotus wrapping all over its body, the silver man didn't seem worried. Stretching out its hand, it tore the red lotus off.

"It can't be transformed."

With this conclusion, Zen's eyes narrowed slightly. It seemed that the silver man's strength was coming from the body of the Mountain of Holy Beings.

The Mountain of Holy Beings had been here for countless years, but neither Holy Beings nor warriors at the Other Shore Realm were able to enter it. Maybe it was because it contained an unbeatable treasure, or it was an extremely powerf


From a distance, a burly man sneered, "How about you help me become a Holy Being, and I will repay your kindness?"

After becoming Holy Beings, they would be able to join the powerful clans. In fact, this was the ultimate goal of most of the strong warriors in the divine land. No one was willing to give up so easily.

"No need to argue. You both can just go to hell. This holy spring belongs to me!" a Demi-holy Being from the Qin Clan answered.

By nature, the Demi-holy Beings of the great clans were more powerful than the ordinary ones, so they were more domineering.

The facial expressions of the first two warriors changed at those words. Quickly coming into an agreement, they gave up on getting close to the holy spring, and started moving towards the Demi-holy Being of the Qin Clan.

The fights continued around the three holy springs.

Some warriors died after being attacked by several others, while some had been injured and had to temporarily retreat to the side. After healing their wounds, they charged again to join the chaotic battle.

During the fight happening in the Mountain of Holy Beings, a flying ship rushed out swiftly from the huge chaos clouds.

Without the chaos clouds blocking their view, Clement and his group could see more clearly.

"At last, we finally get out of that mess," sighed Clement.

"Watch out. There is something ahead," warned Godfrey.

Narrowing his eyes, Clement stared at the gem-shaped thing floating in the air.

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