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   Chapter 2914 The Holy Springs

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Although these people had nothing to do with Rocher's death, Zen did not intend to let them get away this time.

They had picked their side; now, they had to pay a price.

After Zen finished speaking, the thunder wings on his back suddenly spread, and he charged toward the person closest to him.


Eleven people broke away from the crowd and ran toward the valley.

These people's hearts were full of regret because they allowed themselves to be fooled by Leyton. Zen was so powerful that attacking the three of them was simply courting death.

However, it was already too late for regrets.

A young Demi-holy Being who was at the back of the group had only run over a hundred feet when he felt a burning sensation above his head. As it turned out, a thin red lotus was coming at him.

"Spiritual Energy Gathering Shield!"

With a wave of his hand, a large cyan shield appeared over his head.

This huge shield, which had consumed nearly all of his internal momentum, could block the all-out blow from a Holy Being.

Unfortunately, his opponent now was Zen.

The moment the red lotus touched the huge shield, the energy of the whole cyan shield changed, and the shield transformed into a red lotus covering the young man.


In the blink of an eye, the young Demi-holy Being was incinerated to ashes.

The remaining ten was stupefied at the sight.

That young man was a Demi-holy Being from a first-tier clan. He was among the top Demi-holy Beings from outside the Floating Islands.

Even so, he could not withstand the least of Zen's attacks. Thus, the others would definitely be slaughtered.

Zen did not stop after killing the first young Demi-holy Being. He flew toward the next target with his thunder wings.

When the second Demi-holy Being saw Zen coming straight at him, he panicked, shouting, "I don't know anything! I mean no harm..."

"You mean no harm now, but when you attacked us, this was not what you thought," Zen replied faintly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

With one roll of the red lotus, the Demi-holy Being was also consumed.

When the remaining nine people saw this, their hearts sank. An old man gritted his teeth and said,

hen approached him. With his eyes staring into the distance, he said, "Something has changed on the plain."

Zen looked into the distance and saw rays of light rising from the surface of the plain, emitting a vast expanse of silver light. In the depths of the plain, several silver ribbon-like things streamed up to the sky like fountains.

"The holy springs have appeared!"

"I didn't expect that there would be five holy springs this time!"

"How come there are so many of them?"

These Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods were still thinking of the chance to become a Holy Being.

Zen and Sword Chen were not the sort of men that they could challenge. If only one or two holy springs had appeared, their chances would have been nil because there was no way for them to succeed against Zen in battle.

However, everyone was surprised to witness five holy springs burst forth in the Mountain of Holy Beings.

Every holy spring meant an opportunity for someone to become a Holy Being, and Zen and Sword Chen only needed two of the springs. This meant that three holy springs were available for the rest of them to fight for.

"Let's go!"

Zen leaped slightly and flew toward one of the holy springs. Watching him, Sword Chen nodded and selected another holy spring a bit far away from Zen's.

The others consciously avoided the two holy springs that were selected and decided to fight with all their might for the other three holy springs.

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