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   Chapter 2912 Sacrifice

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Pascal flapped his wings again in the darkness.

Countless feathers, as sharp as knives, swept toward Zen.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

Zen's body jerked roughly in the air, and he let out a muffled groan.

This time, four feathers had hit him. Three of them grazed his shoulders and legs, and the other one pierced through his chest.

Sword Chen and Rocher stood not far away. They tensed and clenched their fists when they heard Zen's pained groan.

"Zen may not be able to hold on like this!" Sword Chen told Rocher through his life vitality.

It was understandable that Zen's life mattered so much to them. After all, even though they went to the Mountain of Holy Beings to become Holy Beings, protecting Zen had always been their priority.

As Sword Chen finished speaking, he thrust forward to dodge the spears falling from above his head. He brandished his long sword to create a sword net and shrouded Pascal.

Click... Click... Click...

His sword net could not destroy Pascal's armor. Pascal didn't even mind him. He just continued going after Zen.

"Your method is useless!"

Rocher exclaimed in frustration. He closed his eyes and felt what was happening in the darkness.

"What can we do? This is not the Abyss Demon Region!" Sword Chen said anxiously.

If he was in the Abyss Demon Region, he could use the force of primitive fear. However, even if Rosie lent all the force of primitive fear to him, it was still impossible to break Pascal's armor.

"The ice flowers of the girl can't transform the black energy. If it goes on like this, Zen will die." Rocher was also anxious. They were both worried, but they didn't know what to do next.

Another muffled sound came from the darkness. Through his spiritual sense, Rocher could tell that blood was bursting out of Zen's body.

"There's no other way. Let's pin Pascal down to buy some time for Zen," said Sword Chen.

"No," Rocher refused.

"What? Why?" Sword Chen was stunned. He was surprised that Rocher was not immediately on board with his plan.

After they came out of the Abyss Demon Region safely, his t

d seemed to come to life and was full of vitality, while Rocher had sacrificed his life to the sword. His energy was gradually weakening, and he slowly turned into a cold stone statue.

"Rocher!" Zen's eyes widened in shock. He called out in alarm, as Rocher died in front of him.

It was not until this moment that he finally understood why his father insisted on letting Rocher accompany him to the Mountain of Holy Beings. Perhaps, Mike didn't want Rocher to become a Holy Being. He made such an arrangement because he had predicted a disaster would happen in the mountain.


Rocher, who was now a stone man, brandished the sword with all his strength.

His joints made a crisp sound, and his right arm was broken. He fell, like a bird with broken wings, out of the sky.


The black ball that had floated above Rocher's head shot out black spears. They pierced through his body and made a cracking noise. Then, the black energy quickly annihilated his body.

The golden light, as bright as the sun, rushed straight toward Pascal.

At the sight of this, Pascal's face darkened.

Although he trusted the power of the Abyss Demon Region very much, the golden light in front of him had broken his limits. It had destroyed the strong darkness that he had cast.

As he faced the sword attack, he had to let go of Zen. He needed to go all out to deal with it, or else he could die.

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