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   Chapter 2911 At a disadvantage

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"You've just torn his armor open!" Rocher exclaimed.

"It didn't last long," Zen said. "Besides, I didn't know that he had a secret soul weapon." He trusted No. 9527, and he believed that no secret soul weapon could block it in the divine land. The secret soul weapon Pascal had must have been given to him by the Yellow Emperor Guards. "I'll try again!" Zen said resolutely.

If they let Pascal continue to do what he was doing, everyone would definitely have no means to escape. Zen had no intention of sitting around waiting for his death.

After he finished speaking, Zen's body gently floated, and a pair of thunder wings suddenly extended and spread open behind him. With a loud crack, he hurtled toward his target. He already had Pascal's position locked in.

Seeing this, Rocher also quickened his pace and approached Pascal from the other side.

"Holy Emperor, Zen is coming..."

Using his spiritual sense, Alfredo identified a consummate True God hurtling toward him at breakneck speed. Even in the darkness, he recognized Zen.

"Hmmm. He already knows my location, huh..." Pascal sneered. He held the black sphere with one hand and conjured a spear with the other. At the same time, the huge wings behind him morphed from the original soft black feathers into sharp knives. "Step aside," he said to Alfredo.

Hearing his words, Alfredo immediately distanced himself from him.

The two warriors were so powerful that their strength far exceeded those of Holy Beings. Alfredo could never withstand any attack from them.

As Zen sped towards Pascal, the Ways-blending Energy frantically accumulated. The long sword in his hand kept trembling and whistling...

As the two warriors got closer, Zen suddenly waved his long arm.


The sound of the long sword shattering into pieces resounded in the darkness.

Just before the long sword broke into pieces, a strong and violent beam of sword radiance rushed straight towards Pascal.

"Nice timing!"

Pascal had foreseen this strike from Zen, so he was fully prepared.

He suddenly shook his long black spear, and black energy continuously gathered at the tip of the spear. As he jerked forward, the whole spear totally turned into spear radian

Zen from the other side with his long black spear.

Pascal was a dishonorable, devious person to have used such a method to mislead Zen. If not for No. 9527's reminder, the spear might have cut Zen's stomach open.

Zen dodged the spear, but he was placed in a difficult spot. Pascal had returned the blood jade necklace to its original place around his neck. The broken armor was regenerated, and his broken wings were repaired. He began to crazily attack Zen, who was now at a disadvantage.

A slight shake of his black wings sent black feathers, which were as sharp as knives, flying wildly toward Zen.

Worse, Zen also had to dodge the spears that were constantly dropping overhead and rays of spear radiance that Pascal occasionally shot out.

Even if Zen had activated the Truth of Cultivation Nature and utilized the Eight Smoky Melodies to the limit, he was still in danger.


A feather grazed past behind Zen, leaving a deep furrow on his back. Even with Zen's immense physical strength, he was incapable of resisting that type of black energy.

As he registered the sharp pain in his back, Zen felt something cold touch his shoulder. His shoulder was pierced by a long spear...

Zen knew he was in big trouble and his heart sank. He couldn't elude Pascal's attacks.

His only consolation was that the black energy could not destroy his body like it did to the other people. But, if the attacks persisted, he would be torn to pieces by Pascal eventually.

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