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   Chapter 2910 The Running Warriors

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The entire divine land was in a panic.

Darkness was not a big obstacle to a True God. When one's eyes were unable to see anything, they could use their spiritual sense to perceive instead.

However, this kind of darkness had never happened before. No one knew what this kind of darkness meant. Speculations ran rampant, and ignorance fueled the panic people felt.

"Is it doomsday?"

"Is the divine land about to be destroyed?"

"How long will this darkness last? Will it last forever?"

Most of the divine citizens from the remote mountain villages and the True Gods of the central divine cities gathered under the cover of darkness. They wondered, discussed, and guessed about the nature of the darkness.

Zen also couldn't see anything with his eyes. Even if he activated his magic vision, it still had no effect.

This was because Pascal blocked all the sources of light. If Zen wanted to see in the darkness with his magic vision, he still needed the help of faint beams of light.

At that moment he was trapped in darkness. With a deep inhale, he released his spiritual sense.

Rocher, Sword Chen, many Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods also released their spiritual sense.

All of a sudden, waves of soul force spread throughout the plain.

Meanwhile, Pascal held a black ball in his hand. It was releasing a very powerful aura.

This aura was very similar to the Destructive Godly Way's aura, albeit much, much stronger.

He raised the black ball high and said darkly, "It's over..."

Hardly had his voice faded away when Zen, Rocher and Sword Chen noticed that the same destructive aura was coming from above their heads. With a sweep of their spiritual sense, they realized that there was a black ball above each of their heads.

"Don't let them touch you!"

"Let's go!"

Rocher and Sword Chen promptly flew backward and away from the black balls.

Meanwhile, Zen jumped lightly from side to side. He turned into a sharp arrow and swiftly retreated.

Whoosh, whoosh.

Black spears shot down from each ball. As each spear touched the ground, they suddenly released terrifying energy and annihilated every area they touched.

Zen continued to run away, as the black spears fell like a violent storm around him. The areas he passed were destroyed upon contact with the spears.

Rocher and

an eyebrow at Alfredo. He only smirked when Alfredo looked confused, but he didn't elaborate.

When he realized he wouldn't get any answers, Alfredo spread his spiritual sense into the darkness again. He could feel the destructive aura everywhere in the plain.

It appeared that most of the long spears from the black balls didn't hit their targets. But as they melted, they spread in all directions rapidly, like ink over clear water.

The longer they spent running around, the more black energy spread throughout the whole plain.

Sooner or later, it would cover everything. By then, these people would have no way to escape.

Some warriors had stopped running by this time. They, too, had realized what was happening.

Zen circled the plain. When he came back, he found that the long spears behind him had blended into the ground, radiating an aura of destruction. This aura continued to spread. It wouldn't be long before the whole plain and valley were filled up with the aura!

"Rocher, we can't go on like this," Zen uttered worriedly.

Rocher, who was standing in the distance, agreed and said, "If we fly, we can dodge the black energy. However, after this place is filled with that energy, Samuel would definitely take further action. All the people in the Mountain of Holy Beings would be slaughtered!"

"We need to stop him before that happens," Zen said as he ran madly. "Pascal has a soul weapon. If I can break that, I can rid Pascal completely of Samuel's control."

When he heard this, Rocher raised his eyebrows in confusion.

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