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   Chapter 2908 The Black Ball

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As Pascal charged at Zen, a black spear appeared in his hand.

Zen's expression had also turned serious.

Although Pascal was just a consummate True God, he had control over the Abyss Demon Region.

And the person behind him was none other than Samuel!


Just as the black spear was about to stab him, Zen gently twisted his body and avoided Pascal's attack.

Ever since he had mastered the Truth of Cultivation Nature, his every move contained the Truth of Godly Way.

While avoiding the spear, Zen stretched out his arm and turned it over. Red lotus flowers rapidly blossomed and spread out from his arm.

The moment they appeared, the temperature everywhere within a radius of ten miles rose. The Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods immediately felt overwhelmed by the heat.

The red lotus flowers quickly spread and twined around the black spear.

If they could encircle Pascal's body, he would probably be burned to ashes in an instant.

Even a Holy Being like Clark, who was skilled in the Elementary Fire Godly Way, hadn't been able to escape these red lotus flowers. Even though Pascal controlled the Abyss Demon Region, his body hadn't been reinforced to a great extent. In Zen's eyes, there was no way Pascal could resist his attack.

However, Pascal shook his spear lightly, and the red lotus flowers twining around it cracked into pieces!

"Humph!" Pascal said gruffly.

Zen's eyes flashed with surprise. The red lotus flowers hadn't been able to transfer the black energy!

In the Abyss Demon Region, Zen's red lotus flowers and Rocher's ice flowers had been able to transfer almost all energy. But now, the red lotus flowers seemed to have no effect on Pascal's black energy.

After the red lotus flowers cracked, Pascal didn't stop. The tip of his spear drew an arc in the air and came straight toward Zen's face.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Zen suddenly turned his body and released hundreds of red lotus flowers that quickly shot forth and enveloped Pascal.

As long as they found a slight gap, they would be able to kill him.

However, at this moment, the ring in Pascal's hand flashed.


More black energy came out of Pascal's body and instantly transformed int

f powerful clans. Why are you getting me involved in this?" shouted a Demi-holy Being.

Bang! Bang!

One of them used a theurgy to try to break the ball, but their strength was not on the same level as Pascal's. Even if they tried their best, it would still be impossible for them to break the ball.

"Go to hell, all of you!" With a murderous look in his eyes, Pascal pinched lightly with his right hand. When the black energy spread within the ball, everyone would be annihilated, including Zen.

Samuel was actually not a hardhearted man.

He had felt uneasy and ashamed after hearing the news that Laquisha and Aleyna had recovered their memories. Even if he was powerful and ambitious, he didn't know how to face his children in this situation.

As a result, even though Laquisha and Aleyna had recovered to their normal status, his resentment against Zen was still growing!

At this moment, a brown sword radiance suddenly came out and hit the inner wall of the ball. Then the long sword in Zen's hand broke into pieces and scattered on the ground.

Ever since his Shadow Bearing Sword was swallowed, Zen hadn't found a long sword that he could use.

Ordinary supreme primordial weapons couldn't bear the Ways-blending Energy at all. Thus, when he had tried to launch a strike with this long sword, its blade had immediately shattered.

Zen's sword radiance had merged more than 2, 500 Godly Ways, and this was the first time he had tried to use it against an enemy.

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