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   Chapter 2906 A Siege

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Zen, Rocher, and Sword Chen walked for more than a thousand miles along the valley. With each step, the road before them became broader and broader.

From the outside, the Mountain of Holy Beings looked like an ordinary mountain, but its interior was not soil.

The space was not cramped at all. Moreover, the silver light overhead gave them the feeling of walking under the sky, even if its color was a little strange.

As Zen walked forward, he scanned the surrounding environment.

Unlike everyone who would enter the mountain, his main concern was not the chance to become a Holy Being but rather finding the way out of the maze.

Before he had entered the mountain, Mike had told him all about what to expect inside the Mountain of Holy Beings.

The space within the Mountain of Holy Beings was vast, but it was not as complex as the other forbidden areas.

When Zen, Rocher, and Sword Chen finally came to the end of the valley, they saw an open plain in front of them. The plain looked vast and endless. In the distance, there was a line where the plain seemed to merge with the sky made of silver light.

Once the competition began, silver holy springs would appear in this plain. Anyone who could occupy one of the holy springs would become a Holy Being.

However, the number of holy springs that would appear was different each time. It could be two or three or more.

At the time when Mike had become a Holy Being, there had only been one holy spring. Therefore, Mike had beaten everyone else to become a Holy Being.

The rules were simple, but occupying a holy spring was not an easy task.

On one hand, warriors had to pass tests from the Mountain of Holy Beings itself; on the other hand, they had to compete with other warriors for the chance to occupy a holy spring.

"I don't see any silver holy springs." With a light tap on the ground, Rocher flew up into the air and looked over the entire plain, which was completely empty.

"Perhaps it's not the time yet," Sword Chen said unworriedly.

Zen took a few steps toward the plain. "My father said that a certain number of people must arrive before the silver holy springs appear."

Usually, when the Mountain of Holy Beings appeared, a whole crowd of warriors would swarm in. But this time, only the three of them had arrived at the plain. It was likely that there were not enough people to start.

Not long after Zen finished speaking, he felt a chaotic aura coming from behind him.

He turned his h

nto a large golden net that flew out in front of him.

In the Abyss Demon Region, his strength was comparable to that of a top Holy Being, putting him on par with even Clark and Murphy. However, that was only because he could use the force of primitive fear when he was there. Outside the Abyss Demon Region, he couldn't borrow the power of the dark water.

Nevertheless, he was still strong enough to fight against ordinary Holy Beings by only using his Emotion Closing Godly Way.

"What a powerful move!"

Feeling the power hidden in the sword net, the Demi-holy Beings in the front moved their bodies lightly and avoided the attack. None of them dared to face the net head-on.

They were unable to use Grand Teleportation in the Mountain of Holy Beings, but their bodily movement skills alone were good enough for them to avoid the attack. Moreover, since they were on an open plain, they had more than enough space to dodge.

However, just as they dodged this net and prepared for a counterattack, they saw Rocher in front of them.

They hadn't expected Rocher to charge at them alone.

"Water Cloud Hacking!"

"Mountain-splitting Sword Strike!"

The Demi-holy Beings all made their moves without hesitation.

They didn't think that it was hard to deal with Rocher at all.

But just as their internal momentum turned into their respective theurgy, a strange aura suddenly came from Rocher, and the killing intent in their heart disappeared without a trace.

"I can't cut it down!"

"I can't do anything to him..."

"What kind of ability is this?"

They felt a sacred aura emitting from Rocher that rendered them powerless against him.

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