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   Chapter 2903 A Fleeting Chance

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An orange scepter appeared in Estelle's hand. She gently said, "Do I need to take action?"


Holy Jay said as he looked ahead.

He had only one chance; naturally, his judgment was crucial!

On the top of the divine land...

Mike pulled a long face.

Holy Jay told Mike what he saw.

According to their originally planned schedule, they would get the best opportunity when Leif took action. However, the Yellow Emperor Guards seemed to be more prepared than expected.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked as he stared at his father.

"Hamish is still blocking the gate of the Mountain of Holy Beings," said Mike, frowning.

Zen thought for a moment and said, "I can head down there first."

Hamish's flames might be extremely terrifying, but Zen thought he could withstand them. As long as he got into the Mountain of Holy Beings, everything would be fine.

Mike shook his head and said, "It's not just Hamish who is blocking the gate; another Yellow Emperor Guard is also stationed there."

"It's impossible to find a perfect chance," Zen said earnestly. "This scene is exactly what we have predicted in our original plan. Besides, we still have Estelle."

Zen also knew that although his father intended to send him to the Mountain of Holy Beings, he was still worried about him.

However, they had no other choice but to risk storming into the Mountain of Holy Beings. The perfect opportunity to do so was fleeting, so they could only take so many risks.

Mike didn't say anything because he believed in Holy Jay's judgment.

At the foot of the Mountain of Holy Beings, after its poisoned blood arrow was blocked by Salim, the Emperor Resentment stretched out its thick tentacles again towards the two Other Shore Realm warriors.

Its body also rushed toward them.

Seeing this, Salim said with a laugh, "This beast is stupid!" As he spoke, he once again unleashed the Truth of Holy Words. This time, he uttered two words, "Sword Strike!"

The invisible giant swords rotating at a high speed materialized in front of Salim.

The Emperor Resentment's tentacles and body were cut into pieces by the giant swords. Blood splashed like rain with mangled flesh flying everywhere.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

The Emperor Resentment became mad with rage and it hurled itself with all its might against the swords.

The power of the colossal creature was terrifying. Salim's the

whole of the divine land, from the North Star Region to the South Dipper Region, and from the Floating Islands to the Time Sea. An eerie silence descended over the entire place.

In addition to sound, everyone's abilities were temporarily blocked. True Gods were unable to communicate with their inner worlds, and Holy Beings were unable to communicate with their universes.

Such a skill blocked nearly all of the strength of the whole divine land. Even the Other Shore Realm warriors were not immune to the power of the Scepter of Gods' Silence.

How could Hamish and Salim employ the Grand Teleportation technique?

Not only could they not make use of this technique, but their flying abilities were blocked. They both plummeted down from midair.

However, the Emperor Resentment's attack did not stop. It used its physical strength, so Estelle's spell could not seal it. A thick tentacle immediately hit the bodies of the two Yellow Emperor Guards.

There was no sound, and the only sight was that two warriors rolled in the air like broken kites, their strings of blood leaving traces behind them.

The two of them were not the only ones who were affected. The consummate True Gods and Demi-holy Beings, who all flew into the sky in order to avoid the Time Sea's tsunami, were now dropping rapidly.

As they fell down, their faces turned deathly pale.

They were not afraid of falling down from a height of over one hundred thousand feet. However, the colorful sea water created by the tsunami swirled ominously below them, and falling into the Time Sea meant a sure, inescapable death.

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