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   Chapter 2902 A Fierce Battle Before The Gate

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Holy Jay stood at the mountain peak, his eyes shifting as he looked around the vast expanse surrounding him.

He could see every single detail. Even a tiny change taking place a thousand miles away didn't escape his attention.

The silver light on the surface of the Mountain of Holy Beings intensified.

It looked like silver being melted and poured on it from above.

And then, from deep within the mountain, came the sure effects of vibrations taking hold.

A huge gate, about a thousand feet tall, appeared at the foot of the Mountain of Holy Beings.

The appearance of the gate sent the Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods into an excited tizzy.

"The gate is open!"

"Hurry up! I'd better be the first to enter!"


The moment people began scrambling towards the gate, a flame suddenly appeared before it.

The flame bloomed and turned into a fiery snake a thousand feet high, floating in front of the gate.

A Demi-holy Being rushed to the front, determined to get to the top this time. Since the fire snake had not yet filled the entire gate, he activated the Grand Teleportation and tried to rush in.

But he was too late. He had barely reached the gate when the fire snake managed to block every last corner, showering him with its fire.

The Demi-holy Being didn't have the chance to struggle or scream before he was burned to ashes and scattered in the wind.

"What kind of fire is this?"

"Why did it stop us from entering the Mountain of Holy Beings?"

Everyone was stunned.

The power contained in the fire was far beyond their imagination. Even Clark, who was the most proficient person of the Elementary Fire Godly Way, was unable to deal with the fire.

"Don't panic. We'll let you in when the time is right. But don't you dare try and break through the gate. If you do, you will end up just like him. Don't blame me for not warning you,"

Hamish sneered, standing before the door.

All the Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods floated in the air in a daze, at a loss what to do.

"He is the Other Shore Realm warrior that stands behind the Han Clan," an insider whispered.

"A master like him is much stronger than a Holy Being."

"I don't know why he is blocking

Hamish and drive him away from the gate.

Although Hamish was the weakest of the Yellow Emperor Guards, his strength could not be ignored.

"You fucking beast! You are courting death!"

With a push of Hamish's hands, circles of blazing fire rings spread out around him.


The Emperor Resentment's skin was rough and thick, but the fire rings managed to scorch its tentacles.

"Woo... Woo..."

The Emperor Resentment let out a groan of pain and opened its big mouth, revealing its sharp teeth.

The beast roared and shot a thick, large poisonous blood arrow from its mouth towards Hamish. The arrow covered the entire gate, and if Hamish wanted to avoid it, he would have to leave his post at the gate.

Hamish, however, didn't budge. The poison blood arrow was only ten feet away when Salim's figure appeared beside him. "Defense!" Salim said.

An oval-shaped ball of light shrouded Hamish and Salim. This was the theurgy that came from the Truth of Holy Words, which Salim was proficient in.

The light ball easily blocked the poison blood arrow.

A thousand miles away, the tsunami caused by the Emperor Resentment had destroyed many villages along the way, including a small divine city. Except for a few top-rank True Gods, the others were all torn to pieces, falling into the cracks of time.

Holy Jay and Estelle floated in the air. He looked very worried.

Hamish was guarding the gate at all times, making it difficult for Holy Jay to find a way to send Zen in.

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