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   Chapter 2901 The Preparation

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Before the Swirl Forest was being invaded, Mike led the others away to safety.

For their sakes, he led them into the Evolutionary Universe.

Harold and Augustus stayed within the Evolutionary Universe, while Zen, Marsh, Moon, and Mike arrived at the outside of the divine land.

Even with Mike's prediction that "danger came from outside the divine land," it was the safest place before the Mountain of Holy Beings was opened. At the very least, the Yellow Emperor Guards wouldn't dare to leave the divine land to hunt them.

This pleased Timotheus and Emily. After all, they had instructed Mike to let Lorena and Zen stay with them during their last meeting.

A few days later, Samuel managed to finally break the Swirl Forest's restriction. However, this was the exact situation at the Everest Spirit Mountain all over again. Not a single person in the forest remained except for numerous fierce creatures.

This enraged Samuel so much that he soon began to destroy the entire fairy palace.

"I've told you that they definitely would escape in advance due to the strength of their reinforcements," Hamish reminded.

With disappointment twisting his features, Samuel stated, "They may have escaped to the outside of the divine land, but they can't take the universes with them. I'll change the rules of the Ruling Slate and destroy Mike's Evolutionary Universe!"

Countless universes hovered above the divine land. Everyone was prohibited from going against any of them unless they wished to receive a severe punishment from the Ruling Slate.

The Ruling Slate divided its rules into different levels with some rules added by the divine land's powerful warriors.

However, the rules which governed the universes existed since the Ruling Slate's inception was set up by none other than Chiyou.

To remove these rules was quite challenging. Even when Nicholas changed a single word in the rule regarding the universe wars, it cost him a lot of divine might coins.

If Samuel wished to eliminate that rule, then he'd have to sacrifice a hefty portion of his divine might coins.

Following Nicholas' death, the Han Clan forced the Floating Islands' other powerful clans to surrender their divine might coins. Left with no choice, the powerful clans forced their respective first-tier and second-tier cla

ly Beings who returned alive. The pair were stronger than Demi-holy Beings and could even fight against a Holy Being. Any consummate True God or Demi-holy Being that crossed paths with them would be asking for death.

However, even their clans' Holy Beings didn't dare to disobey Samuel's order. How could they?

This left them feeling depressed.

However, the Holy Beings of their respective clans also informed them that the alliance of powerful clans was conjuring up a plan to stop the pair from reaching the Mountain of Holy Beings. If they succeeded, then there would be nothing to worry about anymore.

These three days seemed calm. In secret, however, all sorts of forces were quietly observing undetected.

In the Time Sea, Leif had already awakened the Emperor Resentment.

A thousand miles north of the Time Sea, Estelle and Holy Jay lurked deep within the mountains.

Outside the divine land, Emily brought Zen, Rocher and Sword Chen to the area of sky that hovered above the divine land's center.

Of course, Mike and the other Holy Beings were there as well.

All of them were prepared. Once the Mountain of Holy Beings opened, Holy Jay, who was observing the mountain, would inform Mike immediately.

Emily outstretched her arm and pointed her finger. Out of it burst the Truth of Void Destruction. A wide, fluctuating circle began to gently envelop the surface of the divine land.

While she could make a space channel with ease, it was unfortunately blocked by a barrier that prevented her from passing through.

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