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   Chapter 2900 Danger Outside The Divine Land

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Holy Jay told Estelle this because he was afraid that Estelle wouldn't dare to fight the Yellow Emperor Guards without strong support.

The warrior at the Other Shore Realm from the Nine Li race had been in seclusion for many years and had never appeared in front of anyone. Now, however, since he had been summoned by Lorena, he couldn't refuse.

Estelle thought for a moment before saying, "I will help you, but on one condition."

"What is that?" Holy Jay asked. He was prepared to do Estelle almost any favor in exchange for her help.

"You must get that man back for me," said Estelle resentfully.

At this, a smile appeared on Holy Jay's face. The man that Estelle was referring to was, of course, none other than Bromley.

"If we can successfully get through this crisis, Mike and I will do everything in our power to get Bromley back," Holy Jay said seriously. With that, they came to an agreement.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Time Sea, a gigantic beast that was ten million feet tall was in deep slumber.

Each fragment of the Time Sea was a slice of the past of the divine land.

There were, of course, countless slices. Every second that ticked away turned into a fragment that sank into the Time Sea. Many of these fragments were meaningless.

For example, a bird flying over the divine land was a fragment, and so was a tree that had been broken.

But it was fragments of trivial things like these that made up the Time Sea.

Therefore, it had once been inferred that time and space could not be separated. However, no one from the divine land was able to comprehend this.

And it was because of the existence of so many fragments that it had been impossible for Nicholas to find Lorena's body.

It had been like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It was under all these fragments of time that the enormous ferocious beast slept peacefully. It was none other than the Emperor Resentment, the beast that the Sun Blind people were most afraid of.

It would wake up occasionally, but most of the time, it slept.

As its dozens of huge tentacles swayed with the waves, there was a sharp movement above it. On the head of the Emperor Resentment, a person sat up. There wa

n of Holy Beings. Surprisingly, this was not the result that Mike had predicted.

Instead, it seemed that something bad was about to happen outside the divine land.

Lorena had already taken the others to seek the protection of the powerful warriors at the Other Shore Realm, so how could they be in any danger there?

The result had completely blindsided Mike and his group.

"I may have made a mistake since there are too many factors involved," Mike offered helplessly by way of explanation.

If he had used the Evolution Godly Way to predict the fate of the Evolutionary Universe, he would have gotten accurate results because almost all of the factors were under his control. In the divine land, however, many variables were out of his hand, so he wasn't able to arrive at an accurate prediction.

Nevertheless, he had wanted to give it a try since Zen was about to enter the Mountain of Holy Beings.

He didn't fully believe what he had seen, but he still had a hint of worry on his face. "Don't worry, Father. Emily and Timotheus both have extraordinary strength. They can protect my mother," Zen said comfortingly.

Mike nodded. "Of course."

Just then, Augustus' face lit up in surprise. "These Yellow Emperor Guards are quick. They have destroyed the Everest Spirit Mountain in less than three days and now, they're coming for us!"

Upon hearing this news, everyone continued to look calm. After all, this was something that they had already predicted.

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