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   Chapter 2896 The Sky Guard Pavilion

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During the chase of the Chaos Winged Beast, Hamish's messages reached the flying ship one after another.

Clement already had a general understanding of the divine land, and he was sensitive to the news.

The capture of the Chaos Winged Beast was a sizable contribution to the Bear race, but Clement treated the achievement like it was nothing.

If he had known it would take so long to capture the Chaos Winged Beast, he wouldn't have gotten himself involved in the first place.

He was pleasantly surprised to luckily stumble upon the ship when he pursued the Chaos Winged Beast to the bottom of the chaos. If he managed to bring the divine land to the Source World, it would be a great honor to him, and he might get rewarded by the Yellow Thearch.


Clement again knocked on the bell in his palm.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Three more blood arrows shot out from the blood runes.

The Chaos Winged Beast was familiar with the attacks of the blood runes. It executed a somersault in the air to avoid the three blood arrows.

However, the attack of the blood runes was not that easy to dodge.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

The body of the Chaos Winged Beast was riddled with holes, and one of the blood arrows pierced through its neck.

Strength all but gone, the beast could no longer lift its head, only flying with its head hanging and a low hiss of breath issuing from its mouth. Its flight speed had drastically slowed down. Evidently, the creature had no more energy left.

"Well then, I'll leave the rest to you." Clement glanced at the Chaos Winged Beast indifferently and then put away the bell.

Meanwhile, Godfrey remained in communication with the divine land.

With a flick of his wrist, a Yellow Emperor Magatama appeared in Clement's hand.

Compared to Godfrey's, Clement's Yellow Emperor Magatama was much more exquisite.

As he activated the Yellow Emperor Magatama, Clement said, "I'm Clement. Who's your leader?"

In the divine land, the intermittent sounds suddenly became clear, and Clement's voice finally reached Leyton and Hamish.

"Master Clement! It's Master Clement!"

Leyton's face registered pleased surprise, whil

sformed into a sharp, golden sword, which Clement used to sever the head of the Chaos Winged Beast. The latter was already gasping for its final breath; how could it possibly resist Clement's attack?

The sword readily pierced through the creature's swollen body, and a huge wound spread from its back to its head. Finally, it was dead.

In the divine land, Leyton's face registered a tinge of unabashed joy.

"Leyton, is Master Clement very strong? Is he a five-star Yellow Emperor Guard?" Awash with curiosity, Hamish started quizzing Leyton.

Leyton slightly smiled. "You know what? He was already a five-star Yellow Emperor Guard when we left. Not only that, he's a member of the Sky Guard Pavilion. Thankfully, I can rely on such a personality to help me out in times of crisis!"

Upon hearing the name of the Sky Guard Pavilion, Hamish was slightly shocked. With the large population of the Bear race, its members could not easily join the Yellow Emperor Guards, let alone the Sky Guard Pavilion. Thus, Hamish admired every member of the Sky Guard Pavilion. No wonder Leyton respected Clement so much.

"Your mission has been completed. Now, you can join Samuel and drive out the mice from the forbidden land with Salim and Lorcan," Leyton said with a faint smile.

Everything had been settled, so Leyton had nothing to worry about. The only thing that required constant vigilance on his part was the original will of the divine land.

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