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   Chapter 2895 The Difficulty Of Blending The Godly Ways

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Blending the Godly Ways was an extremely difficult task.

Previously, Zen had had to put a lot of effort into blending three hundred Godly Ways. Naturally, blending three thousand Godly Ways would be a lot more difficult to achieve.

The Ways-blending Energy would spin out of his control if he failed to blend even one of the three thousand Godly Ways.

When that happened, the Ways-blending Energy would go wild, ready to explode at any moment.

Such explosions had occurred many times in Zen's inner world.

That was why Zen always chose to do this task in the waters at the edge of his inner world.

Even so, the aftermath of the explosions had still affected the surrounding continents.

Now, Zen was trying to blend about 2500 Godly Ways, which was the largest number of Godly Ways he had worked with until now. However, the Ways-blending Energy soon began to go wild.

As time went by, it became more and more unstable. If it exploded, half of his inner world would be destroyed.

Not wanting to risk it, Zen forcefully pulled the Ways-blending Energy out of his inner world.

The power of the explosion outside shocked Zen.

His master had spent a lot of time and effort building this training tower. Such places where the time flow rate could be permanently changed were very rare, even in the divine land.

Unfortunately, the explosion of Zen's Ways-blending Energy destroyed the walls of the tower in the blink of an eye.


Colorful shards began to pop up around the hole caused by the explosion.

These colorful shards were actually fragments of time. Now that the walls of the tower had been smashed, exposing the tower to the outside world, time in the training tower was once again passing at the same speed as time in the outside world. These fragments of time were the residue of that change.

"What kind of energy is that? Is he blending several Godly Ways?" Moon asked with a look of surprise on his face.

During the explosion, he had clearly felt the internal momentum of some Godly Ways, but he had been unable to identify which Godly Ways they were.

It wasn't the first time he was seeing a warrior cultivate multiple Godly Ways. Some members of the Moon Clan cultivated multiple Godly Ways, including Moon himself. However, he hadn't spent much time blending them. For one thing, blending the Godly Ways was a very troublesome task. Besides, it would

uge cloud far away from the divine land...

Three huge blood runes appeared around the Chaos Winged Beast.

The blood runes sped up and closely chased the Chaos Winged Beast no matter how fast it moved in an attempt to escape.

On the flying ship behind the Chaos Winged Beast stood Clement, holding a large bell in his hand.

He suddenly hit the bell hard, and the blood runes circled once in the air before shooting three blood arrows at the same time!


Although the blood arrows looked ordinary, they were extremely powerful. They directly pierced through the body of the Chaos Winged Beast, leaving six small holes in its body.


He hit the bell once again, and another three blood arrows shot out.

The Chaos Winged Beast immediately howled in pain. As the sharp sound rang throughout the area, the Yellow Emperor Guards watched with joy on their faces.

"You did it, Master Clement!"

"After so many years, you finally managed to subdue this beast!"

"Congratulations! This is a huge credit!"

They all praised Clement, beaming with excitement.

The Chaos Winged Beast was highly valuable, which was why this group of Yellow Emperor Guards had been hunting it for countless years now.

It was not until today that they had finally succeeded.

While the others were shaking with excitement, Clement casually said, "Compared to the discovery of the divine land, the Chaos Winged Beast is nothing significant. I never imagined that Chiyou would have built a ship and sent it out of the Source World before his death. We didn't know about it for so many years."

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