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   Chapter 2893 Communication

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"Listen," Clement said, as he signaled everyone to keep quiet. "There might be a space crack in the clouds that is disturbing the Yellow Emperor Magatama."

Messages were usually sent to them through the space fluctuation from the Yellow Emperor Magatama. Through it, Clement got to know the consequences of a space crack: a violent wave would definitely disrupt the Yellow Emperor Magatama.

"That's right. Godfrey, you are too paranoid!" one of the others remarked.

Godfrey felt his heart sink. He didn't realize that was what people thought of him.

He started to put the Yellow Emperor Magatama away when, all of a sudden, it started making noise.

"Rustling, rustling... I am... And I'm at..."

Godfrey held the Yellow Emperor Magatama closely.

The rest of the group was staring in awe.

They stooped closer to listen closely.

"The divine land... Rustling, rustling..."

"It seems like someone's trying to reach us through the Yellow Emperor Magatama! They might be close by." Clement's eyebrows furrowed in deep thought.

"Which Yellow Emperor Guard came to this damned place?" a Yellow Emperor Guard asked.

"What is this divine land, anyway? Not once have I heard of it," said Godfrey.

The divine land was a name used by its residents to refer to their place, but it was a name unknown to outsiders. Thus, the warriors who weren't part of the divine land didn't understand it.

"Godfrey, try to communicate with the Yellow Emperor Guard," Clement ordered. "If we continue trying to chase the Chaos Winged Beast, then perhaps we can find that Yellow Emperor Guard. But he seems to have encountered some trouble."

At that point, they were nearing the bottom of the chaos where it was bleak and deserted.

It was not normal for a Yellow Emperor Guard to idle around in that area, so he assumed that the Yellow Emperor Guard must have encountered a huge trouble.

Because of this, they had to reconsider their options.

Godfrey replied with a curt nod. He brushed the surface of the Yellow Emperor Magatama with his finger. A green light beamed above the Yellow Emperor Magatama and it started to make noises.



This all changed upon the arrival of a Holy Being. The first-tier clans had to be integrated, and the clans in the Sunrest Tree became a unified group known as the Sword Clan.

Thus, the Sword Clan owed its roots to the Sunrest Tree, and their protection to the Non-combat Zone.

Unfortunately, they had to give up the Sunrest Tree.

Samuel ordered all clans who didn't join the alliance of powerful clans to give up the Floating Islands.

The Sword Clan had no choice but to give up the Floating Island, completely aware of the consequences of their choice.

As soon as they disaffiliated from the Floating Island, they'd make themselves an enemy of the alliance of the powerful clans.

Not too long ago, the Yellow Emperor Guards killed Harper in front of the Holy Beings of the Sword Clan. As a result, the Truth of Goodwill and Malice disappeared along with the Non-combat Zone.

The Sword Clan members were sullen to have reached their last days in the Sunrest Tree.

The Holy Beings, the Demi-holy Beings, the consummate True Gods and a lot of disciples in the Sword Clan left the Sunrest Tree and entered the Everest Spirit Mountain, leaving only a few people in the Sunrest Tree.

They didn't want to submit to Samuel, and they also believed Mike.

And on the other side of the divine land, the Moon Clan in the Hidden Tree had also made the same choice. They were on the way to the Swirl Forest.

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