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   Chapter 2890 The Death Of The Female Patriarch

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When Murphy planted the ancient sorcerer race in the Evolutionary Universe, his purpose was very clear.

He wanted to control the will of the universe.

However, Mike was the master of the Evolutionary Universe. As Zen's father, he had made plans to protect Zen against any danger, from his birth even unto the future.

Thus, Murphy couldn't compete against Zen for the control over the will of the universe. Eventually, the Supreme Lords had won that battle.

"Leyton, let's just kill that woman! We're going to fight to the death anyway," Hamish suddenly said after a short silence.

Leyton squinted his eyes at him, a trace of cold light flashing quickly across his pupils. "I'm afraid this is the only path we can take. Let's go to the Sun Blind race!"

It had been a long time since the divine land separated from the Source World. As such, without influence from the Nine Li race, it would be easy for it to have its own will.

The divine land wasn't like a universe, but it was a well-developed place.

Once its will was born, it would be impossible to suppress it.

The Yellow Emperor Guards had realized this problem the moment they entered the divine land. But it was not until later that they found the means used by the Nine Li race.



The waves of the Time Sea gently lapped against the shore.

The time splinters in the seawater could tear apart everything in the sea, but it wouldn't tear apart its container.

For countless years, the Sun Blind race had lived a leisurely and relaxed life.

The life of their people was quite short. The oldest only lived for thousands of years, while some died as young as three-hundred years old.

That was very short compared with True Gods, who had a limitless lifespan. The lifespan of the Sun Blind race could be compared to a wildflower that bloomed in the morning, only to die later in the night.

However, people cherished things that were easily lost. They learned to cherish their life, short as it was.

Enjoying a limitless lifespan, the True Gods never stopped to think about how many years they wasted on a single thing. They lived like slaves chasing what they wanted. A residence in the divine city or hundreds of divine might coins could easily take a few divine

been able to subdue the female patriarch by himself.

"If you hand over the method of controlling the original will, I will spare your life. One day, if I return to the Source World, the Yellow Emperor race will have a great reward for you!" Leyton added.

"I survived that time not because you pitied me, but because you didn't dare to kill me. Would you dare to kill me now?" asked the female patriarch suddenly.

"There's nothing I won't do now!" Leyton threatened in a cold voice.

The patriarch held her head high. It was obvious that she wasn't frightened. She challenged him with a mocking smile. "Then do it!"

"You!" Leyton's face darkened in anger. However, he hesitated to hurt her.

He came here to force this woman to surrender. He was not planning to kill her, at all.

"You think we won't kill you, bitch?"

Zavier twitched behind him, about to make a move. However, Leyton stopped him. He ordered him angrily, "Stop!"

"You won't make a move, so I have to move first."

The female patriarch sighed as if she was getting bored. The moment she finished speaking, a powerful aura came from behind her.

Leyton was stunned. "Damn it! Stop her!"

The Yellow Emperor Guards responded quickly, but it was still too late.

Before they could come near her, she had already brandished her sword.

A bizarre, colorful sword radiance suddenly appeared behind her and tore her body apart. Even the Time Sword of Gods in her hand shattered at the same time, and it turned into colorful crystals.

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