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   Chapter 2889 The Ruler And The Will

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The Mountain of Holy Beings was emerging? Zen was slightly stunned.

Mike clenched his hand, around which cyan wisps of the internal momentum of the Evolution Godly Way, were constantly rotating.

It was extremely difficult to infer what was unknown. Even Mike couldn't predict the real intentions of the Infinity Ruler. He could only make an educated guess.

After the cyan wisps around his hand converged to a point, Mike said cautiously, "It should be because of the Infinity Ruler. It is pointing in the direction of the Mountain of Holy Beings. It seems that Bromley was worrying too much."

Bromley was the only one who had ever entered the maze in the Mountain of Holy Beings.

However, he had failed to figure out the secret of the maze, because he could not find his way out of it.

Even after leaving the Mountain of Holy Beings, Bromley had kept thinking of the maze, so much so that, with his amazing memory, he had copied the entire maze on the True Path.

"Do you mean that the Infinity Ruler isn't merely leading us to the Mountain of Holy Beings?" Zen asked.

Mike nodded. "It's very likely that it's leading us to the exit of the maze."

Zen's eyes burned with passion when he heard his father's words.

He didn't know what was waiting for him at the end of the maze, but it didn't stop him from making all kinds of conjectures. In his eyes, Chiyou wouldn't have given something useless to his mother.

In the north of the Time Sea in the middle of the divine land.

Under the constant vibration, the waves in the Time Sea turned turbulent.

All the Sun Blind people who were sailing in the Time Sea immediately ducked. They stretched out their hands and feet to stabilize their boats as much as possible and ensure that they wouldn't be overturned by the waves in the Time Sea.


There was an endless plain in the north of the Time Sea. Now, a crack appeared in the center of that plain.

It was noon, and the sunlight fell from the sky straight into the crack, from which silver radiance was reflected.

The vibration in the area became more and more intense, and it seemed as if a huge monster was about to spring out of the crack.


Finally, a pointed mountain peak shot out of the crack and rapidly rose. In no time, a huge silver mountain body was visible above the plain. The crack in the plain was e

said, squinting his eyes.

Everyone in the Source World cultivated the Grand World Cultivation Method, so they were familiar with secondary worlds.

The universes, the inner worlds, and the divine land that Chiyou had built using extraordinary theurgies needed to be ruled by will.

In normal cases, the rulers of the worlds would always exist. True Gods were usually the rulers of their own inner worlds. When they died, they would cease to be the rulers because their inner worlds would die along with them.

However, in this vast chaos, accidents often occurred.

For example, sometimes a ruler's soul would vanish but their body would remain. In that case, their inner world would still exist, but it would be left without a ruler.

This would give rise to two possibilities. One, if a strong being in the inner world noticed that the ruler had disappeared, they could then take the position of the ruler and even control the ruler's body. However, such a situation was rarely seen as the beings of an inner world were seldom that smart. It was very uncommon for beings to realize the death of their rulers.

The second possibility was the awakening of the will of the inner world.

The will would appear to replace the original ruler of the inner world.

Mike had been half-dead for so many years that his inner world was slowly beginning to awaken. However, his universe was already well-prepared. When the will was awakened, it would merge with Zen's body. Then, Zen would be an immortal in that universe and could calmly control it to resist all attacks for Mike.

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