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   Chapter 2887 Abandoning The City

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Nathan shot out of his place like an arrow, while Zen and Mike waited where they were.

Nathan returned ten minutes later, folded his hands respectfully towards Mike, and said, "I've informed the Cao Clan, but I can't tell what decision they will take."

Mike nodded. "You did the right thing. It's a matter of life and death. The decision is theirs. You have done your part."

As the master of a universe, he knew everyone in his universe like the back of his hand. With just a single thought, he could know a person's life history, from the moment they were born to this present moment.

Nathan's talent was in no way inferior to Zen's or Rocher's. But there was a vast difference in the experiences and births of the three warriors.

Nathan had been loved and doted on by some Supreme Lords in the universe, causing him to become arrogant. But a series of trials and tribulations in the divine land led him to tone down his arrogant temperament.

Zen waved his hand and pulled out the mountain token. He smiled at Nathan as he drew out a space channel. "You go in first," he said.

"Me go in alone?" Nathan exclaimed, stunned.

Questions were bubbling up within him.

"Someone in the fairy palace will receive you. We have other things to do," Zen answered Nathan's unasked questions.

Once Nathan entered the space channel, Mike stretched out his hand to activate Grand Teleportation. Soon, he and Zen left Bright Night Region.

In a house of the Bright Night City, the master of the Cao Clan, who had stopped his seclusion, looked cautious. He was silent for a long time before he directed his question to everyone. "What do you think?"

A while ago, Nathan had burst in and asked all the members of the Cao Clan to retreat from the city, telling them that if they did not leave, a great disaster would befall them and that everyone would die.

"Dad, I believe Nathan," Bruno said. He admired Nathan, who had looked confident as he warned everyone. So Bruno chose to believe him even though he had not given a plausible reason for asking them to leave.

"Abandoning the city will have a great impact on our clan! We should request the Bai Clan to make a decision about this. We should believe that they will protect us well, and we need to let them

s they spotted the blue light approaching them.

But they were far slower than Zavier.

The blue light released by the bronze mirror caught up with them and sucked them in.

They felt the space around them freeze as they were absorbed into the sky and into the bronze mirror.

Tens of thousands of people were taken away.

Outside the city, a large number of people were fleeing. Zavier couldn't be bothered to pay attention to them, and began to move towards the next city.

Tens of miles away from the city, the Cao Clan's people watched this scene, dumbfounded.

"What method was that? He captured them all with a bronze mirror!"

"That man's aura is strange. I can't figure out what kind of Godly Way he cultivates."

"He is a Holy Being, right? I wonder which clan's Holy Being he is."

The Cao Clan's members were relieved that they had survived a disaster and erupted in discussion.

Had it not been for the master of the Cao Clan who had made the prompt decision to abandon the city, the entire Cao Clan would have been sucked into the bronze mirror.

Most True Gods had lived for several divine eras but still hadn't gotten the chance to meet a Holy Being. To them, Holy Beings were strong and admirable.

"No, he is not a Holy Being. He is stronger than a Holy Being,"

Bruno said, slowly but with great certainty.

"Who can be stronger than a Holy Being?" Bruno's father stared at him in confusion. "And how do you know?"

Bruno smiled and replied, "Nathan told me about it."

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