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   Chapter 2885 The Cao Clan

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Leyton shook his head at Samuel and said, "It's far from enough. I'll ask Zavier to speed up and target the central divine cities."

An ordinary divine city only had about a hundred thousand people. But the central divine cities of the regions usually had more than a million or even millions of people in them.

Every time Zavier launched an attack, he could capture all the people of a divine city.

If this spread out, it would cause panic in the divine land. That was why he would be prepared with all possibilities before making a move to ensure that no one would be left alive.

But attacking the central divine cities wouldn't be that easy. The Thousand Commandments Slates could not hurt the warriors at the Other Shore Realm, but they would still cause him a lot of trouble.

"Drop it. Have you found a way to release the Abyss Demon Region?" Leyton asked.

Samuel sighed regretfully, "Not yet."

"How many divine might coins have you collected?" Leyton asked, carefully arranging his features into one devoid of expression.

"Alfredo is responsible for it. All the powerful clans are handing in the divine might coins. The quantity is quite large," Samuel answered honestly.

Leyton nodded. "Let's do this as soon as possible. We have the Sea Cracking Skull, but the powerhouses at the Other Shore Realm are too strong. We must be fully prepared even before they enter the divine land. If we survive this disaster, I will recommend your name for the Yellow Emperor Guards when we return to the Source World. You will be a hero to our Bear race!"

Samuel was surprised at this. But he overcame his surprise quickly enough, saluted and said, "I will do my best!"

Even though the Yellow Emperor Guards had specifically chosen to attack the divine cities at the edge, they had caused panic on a small scale.

Every time Zavier launched an attack, a divine city would be emptied.

There were a few second and third-tier clans outside of the divine cities. When they reached the city gates, they discovered that the guards had all disappeared.

They entered the cities, only to find that all the people had disappeared as well.

This was strange,


The sound of his voice brought all the dancing women to a halt.

"What happened? Why are you in such a state?" Bruno asked, standing up, annoyed that he had disturbed Nathan and him.

"Since Master is in seclusion, I can only come to report to you. Something has happened in the Bright Moon City!" the man said, clearly horrified.

As a second-tier clan, the Cao Clan ruled three divine cities, one of which was the Bright Moon City.

Bruno frowned and asked, "The Bright Moon City is protected by the Hundred Commandments Slate. What could possibly happen?"

Most True Gods thought that the divine cities were extremely safe. Nothing could go wrong under normal circumstances.

"Everyone in the Bright Moon City is gone!" said the man, his eyes as wide as saucers.

Bruno was shocked. "What? What are you talking about? You must be mistaken!" he barked at the man.

"Impossible! I didn't go there alone. A total of twelve people, including me, searched for half a day in the Bright Moon City, but we didn't see a single person, not even the stewards of the Cao Clan!" the man said, his voice dripping seriousness.

"How could this happen?" Nathan exclaimed, realizing the gravity of the matter.

What kind of power had the ability to empty a divine city?

Moreover, the Cao Clan was a part of the Bai Clan and the Bright Night Region was under the protection of the Bai Clan. Who could have dared to do this so brazenly?

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