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   Chapter 2883 Collecting The Divine Might Coins

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After Zen left, the old man came back to his senses. He looked up at the sky and his eyes were filled with awe.

"Elder Hu, how did he do that?"

"He was able to master a Godly Way in only half a minute. Not even Holy Beings can do that!"

"Isn't it impossible to reach the consummation of the incomplete Godly Way?"

"I don't know." The old man shook his head, amused. "But now we know one thing: one could also reach the consummation of the incomplete Godly Way! This means we have to work extra hard to be on the same level."

The past few decades had been tumultuous for the entire divine land. It went through a drastic change unseen even in the last hundreds of divine eras. But plenty divine citizens and True Gods remained nonchalant. They did not seem to be affected by the changes. Instead, they continued minding their own business and pursuing their own path.

Up in the bright sky, Mike could be seen taking Zen by the hands and teleporting away.

Together they headed east, towards the direction of the Ray Tree.

The Ray Tree was the highest divine tree in the divine land. It was so tall that one could still distinguish it from several regions away.

The Dongfang Clan had withdrawn from the Floating Island following the death of Nicholas. Despite this, they were still worried. Any moment, Samuel could appear at the Ray Tree, still full of rage.

So they had put up a lot of measures to protect themselves. For one, they had asked their elite disciples to change names. They were also sent to faraway places. In general, their clan had been staying under the shadows trying not to call any attention to themselves.

Three days later...

As they approached the Ray Tree, Zen suddenly requested a change in direction. Instead, he asked his father to head north.

Throughout their trip, Zen had absorbed over a thousand kinds of internal momentum.

As soon as they stepped into the Heavenly Stellar Region, Mike's eyes flickered. "It seems that you have an old acquaintance in the Bright Night Region," he announced.

"An old acquaintance?" Zen's lips curled into a knowing smile. He knew exactly what his father was talking about. "Which Godly Genius is in the Bright Night Region?" he asked.

Harold hadn't found all the Godly Geniuses in the divine land. The Godly Geniuses that had gathered at the fairy palace were Margaret, Kurt, Lucille, and Lone.

Now, Mike's presence made things easier.

He could easily sense the existence of the Godly Geniuses no matter how far they were from him. After all, they were creatures of the Evolutionary Universe.

The changes in the Floating Islands prohibited Mike from taking them ba

powerful clans were willing to cooperate and gather all their divine might coins together. That way, they could collect enough to make an extremely powerful rule.

Alfredo also felt that something strange was up. Who were the Yellow Emperor Guards and Samuel dealing with to require such a powerful rule?

It was rumored that even the Other Shore Realm master in the Sword Clan who created the Non-combat Zone had been killed. Who was powerful enough to stand up against the Han Clan in the entire divine land now?

Though confused, Alfredo always took it seriously to accomplish every task given to him by Samuel.


Suddenly, a consummate True God from the Liu Clan jumped off to the edge of the square and activated his space ring. As a result, black divine might coins poured out of the ring like water spilling over and piled up into a small hill on the ground.

The consummate True God and Alfredo exchanged glances. Then, the True God snorted and prepared to leave.

Alfredo ran after him and blocked his path. "Leander, do you have any complaints you want to air out on behalf of the Liu Clan?"

Leander Liu's expression changed immediately as he thought of all the rumors he heard these days. His sneer turned into a polite smile. "No," he said with a low voice. "We don't have any complaints."

"I'm glad to hear that," Alfredo responded with a nod.

With a huge sigh, Leander Liu left hurriedly.

The powerful clans held a lot of grudges against the Han Clan, but they were all too powerless compared to them. Most of them resorted to doing nothing.

Thus, the popularity of the powerful clans had decreased significantly. All the disciples of the powerful clans, together with the Holy Beings of the clans were like fish on the chopping block.

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