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   Chapter 2881 Illusion Godly Way

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From a bird's eye view, the backyard of the fairy palace appeared dotted with numerous neat, ornamental courtyards.

Since Zen had gained control over the palace, it had blossomed and bloomed with new life, and looked like a completely different place to the barren ruin it had resembled before.

Everyone noticed this transformation. Letitia and Aura, however, craved something other. The distant vision of the divine land enticed them with its mystery.

When Zen was away, they would spend their time studying in the library and practicing, cultivating their skills to learn more about the world beyond the palace.

And even when immersed in their studies, they daydreamed about the beautiful landscapes of the divine land.

"What happened to your promise? You told me you would show me the Time Sea..."

Letitia pleaded, lazily laying her pale leg across Zen's body, searching his eyes with her own. Despite having a significant cultivation base and superior physical strength, she felt intimacy with Zen exhausted her.

"Don't worry. You won't have to wait much longer," Zen answered with a smile, stroking her forehead with his fingers.

Sometimes, Zen caught himself thinking whether he was behaving selfishly by making his wives stay inside the fairy palace. He had reasoned that he was doing it for their safety, but now he doubted whether his motives were motivated more by his own desire.

Yet, he consoled himself with the fact that he had made that decision in the face of imminent danger to his father's life.

If something had happened to Zen's father, the entire Evolutionary Universe would have collapsed, and no living creature would have survived. He had made this decision as a last resort.

Before Zen had started cultivating in seclusion, Lavender had also expressed the desire to visit and see the Evolutionary Universe.

As the queen of the Demon Night, she naturally still cared about her people.

Zen had agreed to grant her wish.

Once he managed to master the three thousand Godly Ways, he would ask his father to help make it come true.

Mike, as the one who owned the Evolutionary Universe, was the most appropriate person to ask. After all, he had easy access to it.

However, despite Zen's attempts to reassure her, Letitia was not convinced. "Unlike the last time, your current problem isn't as simple, is it?" she asked with concern.

Zen had not, in fact, divulged all the details of the current situation in the divine land to his wives.

They had the best intentions and made the utmost effort to assist him, but their abilities left much to be desired. Thus, Zen decided it best to keep them in the dark about the full ext

uing with the two greedy top-rank True Gods.

This small central divine city wasn't connected to the rich clans on the Floating Islands. Even if these people were to try spreading the news of Zen and Mike's arrival, Zen and Mike would have already been long gone by the time the information reached the Floating Islands.

As Zen walked past the two True Gods, the light rings in his eyes began to glint.

The Infinity Ruler had begun absorbing the internal momentum of the Illusion Godly Way.

A few seconds later, another mark on the Infinity Ruler lit up, and another light glimmered on Zen's Godly Plate.

He had finally mastered the Illusion Godly Way.

Once the process was done, Zen didn't stay a second longer. Under the astonished gaze of the crowd, Mike swept Zen away.

Only then did the two top-rank True Gods, who had collected his divine might coins, dare to move.

The observers of the tablet began arguing amongst themselves. "Was that man in the sky a consummate True God?"

"He must be! His demeanor was surely that of a consummate True God. And that young man must be his son. He must be less than one hundred years old, and yet he has already become a top-rank True God. I wonder which first-tier clan he comes from... "

"But what does he need the Godly Way Tablet for? Was he able to comprehend the Illusion Godly Way in such a short time?"

"Hey, stop talking nonsense! That is impossible! Even if he was one of the talented sons of the rich clans on the Floating Islands, which I doubt he was anyway, there is no way he could fully comprehend the Illusion Godly Way in such a short time... "

Meanwhile, as the observers continued to speculate about Zen's and Mike's identities, the subjects of their debate had already reached the next Godly Way Tablet.

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