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   Chapter 2880 The Changes In The Divine Land

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In the fairy place, Augustus looked at Zen from head to toe as if he was sizing up a stranger.

After Zen understood the full meaning of the Truth of Cultivation Nature, his Soul of Light had suddenly been enhanced. Moreover, he learned that the Sea of Truth was a place for cultivation which could greatly improve his soul up to a higher level.

After he left the Sea of Truth, Zen's temperament had also changed.

His eyes retained their sharpness, but his features looked very natural now.

"Hey, you finally came out, Zen!" Augustus uttered as he came closer to Zen.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Startled, Zen could not help but ask as he wondered if anything big happened during his training.

"Nothing. I just wanted to know if the Sea of Truth is interesting at all. So, is it?" Augustus grinned and asked.

But as a response, Zen only gave him a glare before walking straight towards the middle hall of the fairy palace.

Meanwhile, inside the middle hall, Mike was looking up at the ceiling with his hands clasped behind his back, showing a touch of sadness that drifted across his face.

Suddenly, there was a noise near the door. Mike turned his head to see what it was and saw his son standing at the door. Upon his seeing his son, the sadness in his face instantly vanished. "Zen, you've come out! Congratulations! You have mastered the complete Truth of Godly Way."

Back in his less stressful days, Mike also thought about the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

However, his cultivation progress was a tad bit slower than Zen's.

In the Source World, Holy Beings didn't exist, but he had lived countless times longer than Zen. Experiencing more things than Zen, he had a broader vision, which gave him an advantage over Zen with regards to the comprehension of the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

Of course, if Mike wanted to enter the Sea of Truth, he also needed some opportunities.

Somehow, even though the sadness on his face only lasted for a second, Zen keenly captured it. "Father, what happened? What choice did the Moon Clan make?"

Narrowing his eyes, Mike answered, "Word came from the Floating Islands that the Moon Clan had already left there."

"What? They have moved out of the Floating Island?" Upon hearing his response, Zen raised his eyebrows slightly.

To which Mike replied by nodding his head.

Although the Luo Clan had no members in the Time Sea, it still wasn't too difficult to plant some informers in the area so that the

t in his head.

"I'm afraid that I can't make it in a short time," Zen answered as he shook his head.

The first line in the Sea of Truth alone had put him under great pressure, and it was only going to get harder.

"Even if you really set foot on the Other Shore, it would still be difficult for you to fight against the Yellow Emperor Guards. There's no need to worry about this," Mike said with a smile. "But now, I have to personally take you out."

"Where are we going?" Curious, Zen asked.

"I'm taking you to the divine land to integrate all the other Godly Ways," uttered Mike.

At that point, his greatest ambition was to use the Infinity Ruler to merge the three thousand Godly Ways together.

Accidentally, Zen cultivated the Primal Chaos Technique, resulting in the creation of his special inner world.

He had always believed that Chiyou must have meant something when he gave the Infinity Ruler to Lorena, but the secret of that meaning had never been uncovered.

Still unsure of his speculation, Mike felt that it was already a necessary step for him to help Zen fuse the three thousand Godly Ways.

Although Zen had already stepped into the Sea of Truth, he still did not cultivate the Truth of Void Destruction. With his current speed, it was too slow for him to absorb more than two thousand Godly Way Tablets throughout the divine land.

After all, Mike was a Holy Being, and his Grand Teleportation technique allowed him to cross dozens of big regions at a time, which was a hundred times wider than what Zen could do. Therefore, Zen was able to move very fast across the divine land with the help of his father.

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