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   Chapter 2878 Leaving

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After passing the first line, the color of the sea suddenly turned a deeper blue.

Many shining stars could be seen deep in the blue Sea of Truth, and the chillness that penetrated into the souls was emanated from the stars at the bottom of the sea.

The Truth Boats slowly trudged onward in twos and threes. These people had just crossed the first line; it would take some time for them to adjust and adapt to their new surroundings.

Two Truth Boats that had followed Zen to cross the first line quickly tried to catch up to him.

"Friend, thank you for your help just now!"

A husky voice shouted from one of the Truth Boats.

Zen had practically carried the group on his shoulders when he crossed the first line. While he did all the dirty work, the rest of the group had, more or less, taken advantage of his strength.

"Friend, it seems like you didn't consume any soul pills."

Another voice chirped from the other Truth Boat. Though his soul strength wasn't that weak, he had needed the help of the soul pill in order to cross the first line. Still, he had the leisure to observe Zen with the remaining strength he had. "I wonder where you're from. I'm from —"

"It's improper to ask such questions," Dora interrupted. "Don't you know the rule in the Sea of Truth? The one who takes the lead to cross the first line has the right to charge others soul pills. If you have soul pills left, show your gratitude now." There was a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

Zen remained silent. He hadn't been aware of this rule.

However, he wasn't going to refuse free soul pills!

Having a supply of soul pills would come in handy in the future.

While he was able to cross the first line without using the soul pills, he didn't know if the case would be the same for the second or third line. He realized now that the Sea of Truth was not as simple as he had thought.

"Ha-ha! Of course I didn't forget this rule," the man with the rough voice exclaimed. With a gentle wave of his hand, three soul pills flew towards Zen.

The other man gave Zen five soul pills.

It was obvious that they both wished to befriend Zen. Who was this powerful guy?

If they could just follow Zen, it would save them a lot of trouble in the future. However, the moment Zen received the soul

th than he did. If she could tag along, she could possibly save him the trouble of navigating alone.

After promising to keep the soul mark, Zen proceeded to try to use the Illusion Breaking Rune.

It wasn't difficult for Zen to grasp the fundamentals of the Illusion Breaking Rune, and he successfully used it in his second attempt. It felt as though he had triggered something in the Sea of Truth, causing it to collapse in front of him. This was vastly different from being forcibly taken out by No. 9527.

Because Zen had left, Dora followed suit shortly thereafter and left the Sea of Truth.


Dora blinked. She was back in the palace.

"Thank goodness! You're finally back!" Ademar shouted with excitement.

Although Dora's body had returned to normal after she crossed the first line, he had still been very worried about her. Seeing her come to her senses was such a relief to him.

"Am I that weak in your eyes?" Dora said with a pout.

Ademar turned red with embarrassment and let out a howl of laughter. The tall, beautiful woman beside him asked, "Dorothy, did you try to cross the first line with your own strength?"

Dorothy nodded wistfully. "I failed. I ended up using a soul pill."

The woman nodded as though her suspicions were confirmed. "Don't worry, there's no need to get ahead of yourself. Very few warriors at your age can cross the first line without the help of the soul pills."

Dorothy's eyes gleamed, and her lips turned up into a wide smile. "I happened to meet one today!"

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